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Question on Officer vs Enlisted Man's WW1 RFC Cap Badge ?

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Hello Guys, I've searched a bit for the answer to this, but couldn't find exactly what I was looking for. If someone here could provide the answer for me, I'd really appreciate it ! Be advised that it's quite an elementary question, but something I've never determined, as this area isn't my area of expertise. >>> "WHAT'S THE DIFFERENCE BETWEEN AN OFFICER'S & AN ENLISTED MAN'S WW1 ERA BRITISH, R.F.C. CAP BADGE" ? Any information on this will be very helpful to me. THANK YOU Guys, I really appreciate it.

Best regards, dpast32 

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Not my area either but I'll have a guess and say the difference is possibly an officer has a bronze badge with prongs on the reverse whereas an OR badge is brass with lugs or a slider on the reverse.

Here's one being sold as an officer's badge https://www.trademe.co.nz/antiques-collectables/militaria/badges/listing-1910658691.htm 

An example with slider here https://picclick.co.uk/Genuine-WW1-Royal-Flying-Corps-RFC-Brass-Cap-381604846273.html 

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