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Dear fellow collectors

I recently came across this Order of the Black Eagle with Garter, with an inscription on the back. Could this be the handiwork of Ernst Blass? The details, especially around the Garter are of better quality than what I've seen so far, but I'm still doubtful, especially the inscription on the back, saying that this award was given to his Royal Highness George, the Prince of Wales, by Prince Henry (Heinrich) of Prussia. I look forward to your opinions.

Kind regards, Laurentius



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15 minutes ago, utopis said:

No, it's the real deal. 

It's part of the Royal Collection

See here: https://www.rct.uk/collection/441498/order-of-the-black-eagle-prussia-george-vs-star-with-garter

I have to say that the last photo on that page (of a group of breast stars), particularly when seen at full size, is pretty breathtaking!

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The quality of the garters and their construction are exceptional. When the EB pieces are compared with them it is obvious which is fake. I also had the opportunity many years ago to handle a Garter piece in situ in Germany. The workmanship was such that even the fines photography could not do it justice.


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