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Detective Superintendent Adam HIBBERT Sussex Police

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Have recently been lucky enough to add these medals to my collection. My initial interest in the medal group was the fact that there were two LSGC's awarded to the same person I had not come across this before. There wasn't very much information in the right up, so I decided to contact the seller to see if they could shine any more light on the medals. The story that unfolded was very interesting to say the least, so I thought I'd share it on the forum. 

The medal group consists of, 

2002 Golden Jubilee Medal

2012 Diamond Jubilee Medal

Police Long Service & Good Conduct Medal to Insp Adam HIBBERT

Police Long Service & Good Conduct Medal to Ch Insp Adam HIBBERT

It appears he was awarded two LSGC's due to an administrative error. 

Adam HIBBERT joined the Sussex Police in September 1987 and retired in September 2018. This being the first time the medals have been on the open market. Bought from the man himself!! 

He certainly had a very interesting 30 year career with Sussex Police and was head of their homicide department.

He oversaw the investigation of over 30 murders and was headline news on more than one occasion. 

He was also involved in several other interesting cases and was also given an award for bravery. 

There is certainly no shortage of news coverage of the cases he was involved in, I am attempting to identify them all and put them in order.

This however will be a lengthy process which will have to be done over several posts. 

We start in July 2004 with a pub stabbing outside the Crown Pub Carfax...


September 2004 body of a 73 year old female found by dog walkers in Hove...



November 2004, missing 66 year old male maybe murder.............


December 2004 investigation into missing 66 year old man, leads to inquires in France.....


January 2005 a murder hunt begins after a body is found in a park Crawley...


Adam HIBBERT 6.jpg

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April 2005 - A woman found dead after a fire in a hostel may have been murdered before the fire started, police believe....


July 2005 - Bravery award for heroic officer....... 


August 2005 - Policeman arrested over death of son......


September 2005 - Hunt for missing 14 year old girl.......




October 2005 - Family joy as missing 14 year old girl found.....


Hibbert 001.jpg

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January  2009 - Man arrested after fatal stabbing......



April 2009 - Babes in the wood father arrested.....


October 2009 - women's fire death unexplained.....




January 2010 - Father charged with daughters murder dies in jail..........


February 2010 - Ceiling of blood body find leads to man hunt.....





June 2010 - Brighton man jailed for Andrea Waddell murder...........


October 2010 Julian Gardener Sussex Farm murder............




November 2010 - Brighton prostitute killer sentenced for earlier rape....


June 2011 Two jailed over Seaford Moon of India waiter murder....





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Join senior crime scene officers from Sussex police as they deal with a bloody homicide, creating a crime scene and gathering evidence from statements, surveillance and forensics. See the reality of how they deal with witnesses, the family and the community – especially in that first golden hour, where every second counts if you want to break the case.

Presented by crime writer P.D. Viner, you will be led through the murder manual by top police officers. This is not fiction, this is where science is a matter of life and death.
Adam Hibbert is a Detective Superintendent, Head of Surrey and Sussex Major Crime Team, has led over 30 homicide investigations.
Trevor Bowles spent 5 years as a Senior Investigating Officer, leading 16 homicide investigations



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Officer honoured for his clifftop heroism

A heroic detective is to be honoured for his bravery after saving the life of a motorist who tried to drive over a cliff.

Detective Chief Inspector Adam Hibbert, 37, opened the car door and grabbed the ignition keys as the vehicle neared the 150ft drop at Telscombe Cliffs, east of Brighton.

He held on to the driver until other officers and firefighters came to his aid.

Police officers had been negotiating with the man for almost two hours when Mr Hibbert arrived.

The man had twice tried to drive through a fence and was about to try again when police made a dash to stop him.

Temporary Sergeant James Bowen tried to smash the windscreen with his baton before Mr Hibbert made his move.

Mr Hibbert realised the van was unlocked and as the man attempted to drive over the edge he grabbed the door handle and forced his way into the van despite the man's attempts to stop him.

He threw himself at the driver to break his grip on the wheel and pulled the keys from the ignition.

Mr Hibbert struggled with the man before he was able to take the van out of gear and put the handbrake on.

He restrained the man until assistance arrived.

Mr Hibbert, who has 15 years of service, said: "I was shaking a bit when I thought about what could have happened.

"The consequences don't bear thinking about.

"Looking back, it was very frightening.

"Not only did we want to save the life of this man, who was clearly distressed, but we had to think about the risks to ourselves.

"If the fence had given way at any point, he would undoubtedly have killed himself.

"James and I literally had milliseconds to think about what to do.

"James tried to smash the windscreen with his baton but it just wouldn't break.

"Then I noticed the locks were up so I just went for it and pulled the door open.

"I know it sounds a cliche but you don't think about the danger. You just get on and do the job."

The man, in his mid 30s, was detained under the Mental Health Act and taken to Brighton police station for his own safety following his rescue last November.

Mr Hibbert will be visiting 10 Downing Street next Thursday before attending the 10th annual Police Federation Awards at London's Dorchester Hotel.

Home Secretary Charles Clarke will honour officers, from 43 forces in England and Wales, for going above and beyond the call of duty.

Brian Stockham, chairman of the Police Federation's Sussex branch, said: "Apart from the courage required in this incident, Adam's actions were an example of inspired and inspiring leadership.

"Usually - and on an almost daily basis - our officers are expected to perform such acts and most often it is our constables and sergeants who are recognised for doing so.

"As well as personal courage, officers rely on years of training and experience to do these things in the finest traditions of the police service and to do them right as Adam did."

Mr Hibbert has had a mixed week - his house was burgled while he and his wife were out.

He said: "They turned the place upside down and stole electrical equipment, a stereo and clothes.

"I went to have a shave yesterday and found they'd even taken my razor."




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