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I’m in need of help to identify an SD tunic I picked up in a vintage clothes shop. Is it genuine or is it a mock-up gone wrong.

It is a very nice SD tunic in great condition although a very small size but it has a full set of leather RAF Kings Crown buttons including double  button cuffs. They are fitted using rings through pre-made holes. There are no collar badges but again there are pre-made holes to accept some. No rank stars but holes where some have been. You can also see where a set of wings has been sewn on above the left breast pocket. I have searched the internet for something similar but haven’t found anything. 

There is what appears to be a name and service number hand written on the inside of the sleeve plus another set of numbers on the other sleeve. Again I haven’t managed to find anything. I would value your opinion on the matter. Hope the pics come out ok. TIA. 0E9B6423-2F3F-4203-A2E1-F4D34D07AA8C.thumb.jpeg.72eff14dd320dadb225a3c55d96943b6.jpeg










Sorry about the upside down pictures, I couldn’t work out how to edit and turn them. Also in the text, for some reason, it says ‘leather Kings Crown buttons ‘ but they are not and are the usual brass. Many thanks.

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Posted (edited)

I think this is the Officers uniform of the South African Air Force, WW2 vintage. See aafww2pilots2.yolasite.com/saaf-ww2-uniforms-and-insignia.php

That seems to match for Eagle & Crown buttons and lapel badges, the double button cuffs, and the Army-type rank pips on the epaulette.


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Bill, thanks very much for that, I will look into that.


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