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Regiment Serial number

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Hello guys,


i am looking for your help for this small pack found in Normandy.


29526    L

I suggest  "29526" is a serial number for the regiment.

Any idea how i could identify this Regiment ?









DSC03644 - Copie.JPG

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Difficult to know if he wasn't a casualty (wounded/killed/POW).

This site http://www.corpsofmilitarypolice.org/tools/armynumber?query= shows the service number 14416131 as being General Service. 

The number 29526 L brings up an error page but that may just be a problem at my end however, the service number 29526 shows a result for Royal Army Service Corps. 

Here's another link showing army block numbers allocated from 1920 to 1942 http://www.northeastmedals.co.uk/mm/army_service_numbers.htm 

Hopefully the above helps a little.

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Thank you Tony,


but i am sure 29526 is not the service number of the soldier, but a  reference to identify the regiment in normandy .
I had seen that on other Large PAck.



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