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Imperial Russian orders

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I would very much like to check out if and when the Swedish diplomat and general Gustaf Carl Fredrik Löwenhielm (1771 - 1856) received the following orders:

Order of Saint Alexander Nevsky (I know there is a book with a list of recipients, but my Russian is extremely bad).

Order of Saint Anna

Order of Saint Vladimir


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On 12/03/2019 at 23:46, Christiania said:


Order of Saint Anna 

Yes, he definitely was a cavalier of St.Anna order.



No exact date but here comes a little compensation. 

The very same breast star of St.Anna order that belonged to him.




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This is his St. Vladimir order (no exact date but I think all these orders he recieved somewhere around 1813/1814) 


This is defintely St.Vladimir (thanks to the portrait by Carl Vilhelm Nordgren).

Carl Vilhelm Nordgren.jpeg

No info about his Nevsky but I have a date for his order of St. George 4th class.

He received it "for distinctionsin the wars with Napoleon" on October 8, 1813 (No. 2712 according to the Grigorovich - Stepanov list of cavaliers).

Med vennlig hilsen,


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