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Help needed!
I'm trying to identify the model/variant of this T34 as part of a model project which I would like to get as true to the photo as possible. Much searching of the internet hasn't helped and I'd rather avoid spending £15+ on a book which may not even contain the info I need!
Identifying features;
1. There is a short upright metal plate attached to the front hull (above the spare track)which stretches from fender to fender and the driver is resting his arm on.
2. Square fenders at the front as opposed to rounded
3. Appears the cupola doors (far side of turret), open to the left and right of the turret as opposed to front and back
I would also like to correctly identify the model of the wheels, tracks and the main gun.
I would be grateful if anyone has any info as to what other markings (if any) would be on a Polish T34 apart from the eagle and numbers (902?) which are visible on the turret
This photo was taken some time after 1953

polish t34.JPG

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The Polish versions would be T-34/85-M1 or M2, the later having a deep-wading capability.

Regards Eddie

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Yes, totally looks to be a T-34/85. You can recognise it after the turret and gun. Also this version has the side tanks, which I think started to be placed like that in late war. 

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