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Italy - WW1 Victory Medal

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Hi Tim,

Regarding the ribbon you posted saying that it is the new copy ribbon used for the WW1 Italian Victory medals I must say that I agree with you only about the fact that it is new but I have never seen it here in Italy.

Hi Lilo,

No, what I was saying about this modern ribbon, is that it is one appearing often on ebay from one particular seller in Germany that continually lists Victory Medals for sale and this style ribbon is used on almost all the ones he sells, many of which are Italian medals by the different manufacturers. I have seen this material on other auctions from time to time as well, but this German seller uses it on almost all his items.

I do not believe the ribbon common to Italy, just one that is being used to sell the medals. I have also been told that this particular seller is "suspected" to be faking the medals themselves, but to this, I do not know and cannot confirm. The medal I received was original with this fake modern ribbon, though it was not 100% original, in "mint" condition, as described/shown in the auction PICS.


Tim :beer:

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On ‎17‎/‎12‎/‎2006 at 22:37, ilja559 said:



I also have an Italian Victory medal with diploma, mine is the Laslo type 1 medal. How rare is it to find one of these Italian diplomas?




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actually -at least in Italy- these diplomas are common to find, since the victory medal was awarded to all the military of any rank that served at the front during the war. It was also awarded posthumously to the heirs of the fallen ones.

Best wishes,


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I'm from Italy... 
In my opinion the Diploma of Sumserbrown is not of the italian interallied victory medal,
but it is what the medal "coined in bronze enemy"

On the official Italian Victory medal the date is MCMXIV (1914) and not MCMXV (1915) like in the Sumserbrown Diploma

the right diploma is in the picture... (the date is MCMXIV)


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