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Hi Gents!

Would it be possible to find out which prussian units made up the Besatzung of the Bundesfestung Luxemburg during the Bundesexekution of 1831? I know that during the execution there was a rserve send consisting out of Waldeck, Schaumburg-Lippe and Lippe militair.

Hope you can help me out here!



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Althoug I could not find it at first, this site proved to be very interesting:


It gives an overview of the Standorte of the different prussian husars and infantry regiments

The regiments involved in theLuxemburg area were:

Infanterie-Regiment Nr 16 Freiherr von Sparr

Infanterie-Regiment Nr 19 von Corbiere

and a Schwadron of Uhlanen-Regiment Nr 6

Would anyone have one of the histories written on the Infanterie-Regiment Freiherr von Sparr, Regiment Corbiere or Uhlanen-Regiment Nr 6?

That would be such a great help :love:


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