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[attachmentid=2254]I'm going to ask Rick to take another victory roll over this to see what his magic produces...

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I can do that.

I have been able to EXCLUDE every single naval recipient of a Prussian Crown Order 4X who was in East Africa 1905-07.

And, after labors that would have made Hercules weep (well, maybe not the stable-cleaning bit) I can also EXCLUDE all but THREE recipients from the army, thanks to the sinister global network of Research ninja.gif s of which I am one.

Of those THREE, all of whom got their KO4X 1906/7, least likely is

Dr. med. Stolowsky, in German East Africa from at least 1902 through 1914 and presumably there until after the war:

Assistenzarzt 10.12.00 (1897 as military medical school student)

Oberarzt 18.6.03 O

Stabsarzt 16.8.07 F2f


and aD in that rank, alive 1926

But the other two are equally possible, and only a match on the Saxe-Meiningen WW1 award roll will confirm one or the other:

Pierer, in East Africa at least 1905-12, having come from and returned to Fusileer Regiment 36:

Sekondeleutnant 20.5.93 M3m

Oberleutnant 12.9.02 Dd

Hauptmann 20.4.10 K

Major 18.8.16 U

charakterisiert Oberstleutnant aD, alive 1926

Pierer's length of service meant he probably got the XXV cross in the June 1914 awards, last before suspension for war's duration. An early Meiningen-- as this nice bronze one is, suggests that a subsequent Saxe-Ernestine House Order in Commander X grade as given to Majors would be possible.


Sch?n, in East Africa at least from 1905 and still listed as there per the May 1914 Rank List BUT-- wartime seniority lists (and not the Honor Rank List, which keyed back to the last Rank List and not the wartime Seniority Lists) shows him as "Pioneer Battalion 30," so he HAD returned to Europe before the war started. He already held the XXV in 1914, so this being his bar from sometime during the war is about as possible as Pierer's. I only rate him as second-likeliest since there is the possibility from his rank dates that he joined in 1897 AFTER entitelement to the Centenary Medal.

Sekondeleutnant 18.10.97 Z4z (commissioned in Pio Btn 7)

Oberleutnant 27.1.08 D2d

Hauptmann 27.1.13 A3a

charakterisiert Major aD, alive 1926

I'd rate the likeliest as Pierer, then Sch?n, then Dr. Stolowsky. EVERYONE ELSE is excludable from deaths before the war, retirement without XXV years service, other awards, early wartime fatality, and so on.

Someday, we will know who the wearer of this medal bar was.

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Outstanding Bar. Simply outstanding!


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Wha t a nice bar. I'd love to add one of them in my collection.



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I agree a fantastic bar. The arms of the crown order are smaller compared to others, aren?t they?


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Thanks, Rick, I am delighted to learn that! jumping

I will begin to make daily offerings to the publishing gods beseeching them to broadcast the Saxe-Meiningen rolls very soon. rolleyes.gif

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