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Simon F

Czech 310 Sqn Cased Badges

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Iwould very much appreciate other members views on these cased awards. Here are two very nice cased badges for FO Bed?ich FR?HLICH (F/O Bedrich Frohlich) who flew during WWII. As you can see they are very Eastern Bloc in design and it is believed that these were produced in the 1980's to commemorate the Czech volunteers who fought in WWII when communist attitudes became more relaxed, because these men would have been known as radicals and subversives for joining the RAF to fight. The Pilot on the front of the award is Josef Frantisek a top Czech fighter Ace who was killed in action. These are very interesting items that I have never come across before(although I own these). I wondered if any of you guys had come across them and may be able to give me the benefit of your knowledge. They are also very good for research as there are some very good sites out there to Czech Airmen. I think they were factory produced by Zukov Praha but my emails to them have gone unanswered. I would like to add more scans for you but dont have enough of my limit available, but I am more than prepared to email further pics if anybody is interested.

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