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Iron Cross Magazine

Iron Cross is the UK's only magazine focusing entirely on German military history from 1914 to 1945. It launched in June 2019 and is available worldwide in both print and digital formats. GMIC is launching a trial area to promote discussion of the topics contained within the magazine.
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Dark or Light Themes

For those of you that prefer the old style more traditional forum look you can now select GMIC light from the themes at the footer of each page. This enables an updated versions of the old style theme.

Recent Updates

This announcement is no longer active


Some new updates. The forum has got a new look but for those that liked the classic look I am working on an alternative which can be chosen by members and will post details soon. 

The collaboration with Iron Cross Magazine is an attempt to promote discussion on a range of topics appearing in the magazine and give members an outlet to possibly put into print historic information which benefits the military collecting community on a range of topics pertinent to German Military History 1914 to 1945. This is a trial development which has no financial obligations to either party, but one I hope in the longer term will serve mutual interests.

GMIC unlike many forums has never been about making money. I don't have sponsorships with any third parties and I don't currently have any annoying adverts or other click bait mechanisms to earn money on the side. However times are tough for us all and the increasing costs of running this forum, mainly out of my own pocket, (other than a few regular motivated good guys who have quietly donated without any inducement, thank you guys), has meant it has become more of a financial burden over the years. Please consider donating something if you can. 

I do have other things to assist with the donations including pin badges and subscribing members packages again. Watch this space.

Thank you for your ongoing support.

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