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28 June 2012

Greg Collins



Haven't written in a while; otherwise occupied lately. Anyway, I have a few days off which, when added to the days I'd normally be off comes to a total of seven days, thought I'd drop a few lines to let everyone know (A) I'm still sucking air and am warm and upright, and (B) what I'm up to as far as collecting goes.

I've been concentrating on my primary interest lately, which is state security/internal ministry/border troops/fire brigades, and my focus, at least at present, is directed toward the USSR. To tell you the truth, it's been kind of nice to return to the USSR after spending so much of my collector time elsewhere. Anyway, while I am limited (financially) to what I can seek ("egg" badges are out for me at present), I've found some gems that are within my realm. I've added the following to my USSR gallery in case anyone would like to take a look:

- Medal for Distinguished Service in Defense of State Frontier (3rd variation)
- Medal for Distinguished Service in Defense of Public Order (2nd variation)
- 60 and 70 Year Border Troop badges (the official badges)
- An early 1985, two piece gold Outstanding Militiaman badge (set completer)
- A '62-'66 Belorussian MOOP badge (set completer)
- A set of KGB type 1 service medals
- A '92 70 Years of the North Western Border Guard veteran's badge (set completer)
- A 60 year Tajikistan Border Troop veterans badge (not posted yet)
- Several Georgian MVD documents, including I.D.'s (not posted yet)
- An interesting 50 year anniversary badge of the MVD unit concerned with the misappropriation of state property (not posted yet)

So yeah, I've been busy. And, I continue the search (in case you may have some things you're looking to get rid of... hint).

Other than that, life goes on here pretty much uneventfully. It's supposed to be quite warm over the next several days- 93 today, climbing to 103 by Saturday. That and, of course, we live without air conditioning- we generally don't need it, but it would come in handy for the few days we have like this. Anyway, if I don't fry or bake to death, I'll write more soon.



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