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When some medals seem to just keep coming back...




Over on another forum, the cry usually goes up three weeks before the actual date of the medal auction: "The catalogue is online!"

The first thing one does, if one happens to live in Canada, is check the five-hour time difference between here and the UK, to make sure that most of the British collectors are safely in bed and won't be using up all the website's bandwidth.

Then the apprehension starts: What will they have up this time? Will there be anything for me on there? What if there's *too much* for me on there this time? Do I have enough money in the Fund to pick up something shiny?

I open the search function on the catalogue and enter my terms. Then I click and wait. The list of items within my interests shows up and I start scrolling down. That's nice; so is that ... then one particular listing catches my eye.

I know those medals. I've seen them before. Not just once, but twice, offered for sale from various medal dealers. Every time I've gotten the money together to snag them, they end up being sold, only to reappear a few months later in another shop window. The price, oddly enough, has stayed somewhat constant, allowing for time, inflation, and expenses.

There's nothing wrong with the set, or so I think. Those medals which are named are named properly. Those which aren't are authentic. The pictures all appear to be of the same medals, just taken in different environments, showing the whims of the individuals to photograph them in their own way. The dealers are reputable, as is the auction house.

I've got a canny bid in on this set and would like to win it. But even if I don't, I have a feeling I'll be seeing them again shortly...

But why do they keep coming back?

I've seen this happen before, with Rex Cosh's set of 10. They went through two or three auction houses and a dealer before I snagged them. I've seen it with some other sets. One dealer sells to another, who sells the set. Then they appear a year or two later on E-bay, only to wind up across the pond in the UK, for sale again from yet another dealer, now all nicely mounted together rather than loose.

What keeps some sets in the purgatory of cycling around and around?


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It is perfectly clear that this is not uncommon situation.I've seen it many times on the auctions. Sellers are the one to blame, they are organized with their friends and the ceep the prices up,and from time to time they are buying their medals paying the auction fee only to maintain the price.
As a collector when somethimes I ask the seller to sel me some orders or medals they will thell me You know this item was sold on that and that auction for that price and they keep the price high. But if We as a collectors wont some items and they are rare or interesting to us We will pay. And from my point of view it is better to buy the items even though they are more expensive that we plan to pay because if I was saving money for something with fix price , money yust go away for some strange reasons and then we are left without the item. If sometimes I pay more money for the order at list a haw the order and money will be earned .

Happy colecting

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