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24 September 2012

Greg Collins



I have been absent from the blogging scene of late… I could list all kinds of excuses but, as most of them revolve around being 58- and a lot of you are in the same shoes- you can fill-in the blanks. For those who have not reached this point in your “development”, I admonish you to enjoy the youth you currently enjoy as it truly is fleeting. For those who have passed me and are looking at 58 in the rear-view, please resist the temptation of telling me what comes next as I just LOVE these surprises :-( .

I have religiously followed the forum and, surprisingly and gratefully, was chosen as a 2nd Place winner in the August competition (thanks to the judging staff). It’s always a “pig in a poke” anticipating if another will find the interest or excitement that you found in a particular piece or pieces. And I am eagerly awaiting the arrival of the plaque.

I have also been quite busy adding to a couple/few of the galleries I maintain here- a labour of love. I try to put forward some interesting stuff in a way that folks will enjoy the look. Since my last blogging, I’ve added to the USSR, Veteran’s, PMR and DDR galleries; have a look if you have the time… more than a couple of interesting/unusual pieces there.

The cooler temperatures have arrived and it’s beginning to feel, and look, like autumn here in Central Virginia. The leaves are beginning to turn from green to gold to red- many love this time of year BUT, the “grump” that I am is reminded of Sean Bean’s recurring line, and family motto, in The Game of Thrones, “winter is coming”. Hope it’s not too hard on us this year- it wasn’t last year, but it does run in cycles.

Again, check out the galleries,
Take Care,



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Glad you're back. I'm in the '56 pushing hard for 57' doldrums myself. No whining but it ain't how I imagined it! Lots of time - retired now - but less $$ and far less energy than I'd counted on when I started assembling the bucket list!

Looking forward to the next competition myself. Hope to see your name there. "Keep calm and carry on."


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Not retired yet, but have sworn to absolutely do it at the first opportunity (when the state decides to shut down a prison, they will often offer to add to years toward retirement so older staff will move aside for a younger officer from the prison that was closed). Hoping that I do not have to wait until 65 (didn't begin this gig until I was 45, and the 8 years in the Navy does not count toward state employment- boo hiss!). I expect money will be somewhat of an issue- due to state austerity measures, we haven't had a raise in 3 years so we're getting used to that; I already know about energy. My bucket list has already been downsized considerably.

Camera is dusted off and at the ready. Hope to do some damage (constructively, of course) to the competition this year!


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I've managed to dodge the retirement "bullet" a couple of times though the government sent me a letter earlier this week pointing out that I have not applied for my pension yet. I will retire someday, however, if I do then who will be left to point out management's mistakes to them?


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