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Major Lukas Kirsten




My great-grandfather is Lukas Kirsten. His daughter is Marianne v. Watzdorf-Kirsten, my grandmother. His grand daughter, Angela Schroeder, is my mother. My name is Alexandra Kennedy Corwin.

I have photos/documents left to me in albums. I have his sword.

If anyone knows of medals and so forth linked to him or know of descendants, please let me know. When my grandmother migrated to the US in the 60s, she left Germany behind. I do not know of any other family.

here is Lukas Kirsten's information:

LukasKirsten: born 21 May 1874 Crimmitschau, killed in action 10 December 1917 near Warneton,

Saxon cavalry officer, participant in China Campaign 1900-01 and Southwest Africa 1904-06

Oberleutnant 28.6.99 C
Rittmeister 15.9.05
Major zD

Went to zD status from Ulanen Rgt 21 19 January 1914. Recalled for WW1 and served in infantry units as a battalion and regimental commander, being KIA as commander of Saxon Inf Rgt 177.

Received the Saxon St Henry Order-Knight for China 19.1.1901, as well as Prussian Crown Order 4X and Austro-Hungarian Military Merit Cross 3 with War Decoration and Japanese Order of the Rising Sun 6th Class. He may have received his Italian Order of Saints Maurice and Lazarus-Knight for China.

In Southwest Africa he received Saxon Merit Order-Knight w/Xs and Prussian Red Eagle Order 4 w/Xs.

Until 1914: Saxon XXV Years Long Service Cross

WWI: both classes of Prussian Iron Cross, Swords to Saxon Albert Order-Knight 1st 19.10.15 (when he got a Knight 1st WITHOUT swords—must have been before the war started in 1914) and Crown to that grade 27.6.16. Turkish Imtiaz Medal in Silver with Sabers Bar was apparently a “courtesy” award from a visiting Ottoman Pasha.

Commander grade of the Saxon Order of Saint Henry 12 October 1916 as commander of Saxon Infantry Regiment 103.



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Dear Mrs. Kennedy-Corwin,

I have a special interest in Lucas Kirsten as he was an exeptional phenomenon into the saxon army. If it´s in your interest I would like to get in touch with you very much and exchange infomations. For example, a friend of mine have 2 photos of his funeral ceremony in December 1917 in Bousbeque.





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