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2012 GMIC Photographic Competition




Following the success of last years competition Mervyn has been working hard to bring together the 2012 Photographic Competition, so I would ask members to take consider participating in this years competition. There are some great prizes on offer and also entries have the opportunity to win a place in the 2013 GMIC Calendar.


There are three categories for 2012 and each person will be limited to 5 (five) entered per category so make them count.

The judges are looking for not only for photographic technique but more importantly creativity and imagination. A picture which shows a lot of imagination, but lacks in technical skill, still stands a better chance in winning over a technically perfect photo which is unimaginative and dull. I will also be looking for 12 images to represent the 12 months of 2013, so if members can enter photos within Categories 1 & 2 which have a seasonal (and military) theme I will be considering those entries separately to the main competition, so it will not necessarily be category winners who earn a place in the calendar.


1. Members - and Family Members are permitted to enter this 2012 Photo Competition. Name of member must be shown. These rules apply equally to any non-members and by entering the competition they show their assent.

2. The panel of judges has been appointed - their decision is final.

3. Ownership of the image remains with the person posting. However, by entering this Competition he/she grants permission to GMIC to use any of the image entered - in any way or, for whatever purpose - and at any time. The member posting the entry must OWN the copyright to the image being entered.

4. There will be no change in the announced dates.

5. There will be one overall prize - The Chairman's Award. Each category will have a 1st , 2nd. and 3rd. place and will receive a GMIC plaque. 4th and 5th in each category will receive a small nominal gift. ALL 5 in each Category will receive a GMIC Certificate.

6. To keep numbers managable the maximum number of entries - per category - will be LIMITED TO 5 (FIVE)

7. The categories will be : Please include a few words of description

1. Personal Militaria collections - pick your own items for entry.

2. Militaria from any source. Graves.Bands.Processions etc.. Your choice.

3. Non- Militaria. Any source or, subject. Be original and creative.

8. Entries for the 2013 GMIC Calendar will be considered separately to the main competition by the Chairman. Note category winners will not necessarily be entered into the GMIC Calendar. Entries will only be considered from Categories 1 & 2 (or of a military theme) and images which have a seasonal aspect i.e. Spring, Summer, Autumn (Fall), Winter will be of benefit.



Recommended Comments

Definitely very interesting! I am already selecting some potentially interesting images!

I just have few question:

1) were are we supposed to upload/to who are we supposed to send the photos?
2) are photos of material kept in museums allowed?

Thank you very much.



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I hate to ask such a dumb question, but is it a requirement that we have taken the photos ourselves? For instance, I own two small WW I Russian personal photo albums. Can I submit a photo from one of them? I doubt it, but I'd like to be sure.


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I must apologize but for the life of me I cannot see any way for me to upload an image for the contest. I've gone to the personal mlitaria page several times but don't see any way to post or upload. Userid = str8aro
Thanks for any assistance.

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Same story, i also cannot see any way for me to upload an image for the contest.
Thank you for your undestanding/

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Thanks. I uploaded 6 (oops) images to a gallery, thinking I was uploading to the competition section, but it looks as if I missed the mark. Is there anyway a mod / admin chappy could slide the galley minus 1, into the appropriate area of the competition, or do I have to do it manually this end? Cheers, Brett

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Chuck - you will be most welcome to submit the albums as an entry - and in which case you will
be able to take pictures out to show.

Brett - I wioll ask Nick if he can explain the problem to you. Mervyn

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Do the photos must be ones which were taken especially for the competition or could we submit photos that we already published elsewhere on the net?

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As long as you own the full copyright, and do not have any contractual obligations, you can post whatever photos you want, regardless where they previously have been used or published.

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