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My Early Police Days ... Part 7 b

Mervyn Mitton



I have split this post into two parts of 7 pictures each. The last time I tried to post I reached 13 - pressed the wrong
button and wiped everything - my language was quite 'bad'......

The Thames River Police were one of the earliest Forces set-up in London - in the 1790's.
Their main purpose was to protect the West India Docks - which were constantly having
attacks on the different ships valuable cargoes. Today they patrol all of the Thames area.


Another view of the Communications Room - remeber that all air traffic had to go through this room. I don't suppose it has changed much in the setting - just the modern equipment. I think
it would be good if someone had access to a picture of the room now ?


Dogs and their Handlers play a very important role in modern policing. You will see that they
still wore helmets. Craig will hopefully, tell us a little more on the changes.


The crew for the high speed area cars, was a driver and wireless operator , plus for certain times
a plain clothes officer in the back to follow suspects on foot. I was actually trained as an operator for the radio - not easy trying to call a chase to the ops. room while doing 80mph in traffic.


The Metropolitan Police have a really wide choice of sports available - and my old Relief had two
members of our 1st Rugby Team


Conditions of service in 1967


Some little time ago we had a discussion about H.M. Chief Inspectors of Constabulary. This
picture shows an Inspector - in uniform - making a County Force inspection


I hope you have found these 50 year old memories of some interest -
I think they have come to a natural conclusion and whilst I could continue
the wise author knows when his audience is 'flagging'.Thankyou for reading



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The original photo of the dog handler Sergeant is in our office. We reckon its staged around the section house at Sunbury.
We don't wear helmets anymore officially we wear flat caps unofficialy we go bare headed.

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Thankyou all on both posts, who have replied. I will continue with a few more 'episodes' - at

least until the new section is in place. Mervyn

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