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The 2013 GMIC Photographic Competition




The 2013 Photography Competition is starting. Entries can be submitted from today. The categories have changed from last year to allow for greater flexibility. This is a competition with some great prizes. Show imagination composition and, most importantly look for the different angle or approach to the subject. Where the entry calls for a brief description to accompany the photo make it brief and concise.


Category 1
From your personal collections: For this year we are allowing non-militaria subjects matter but use our GMIC non-militaria forum as a guide to suitable subject matter. Keep to just your militaria collections if you wish.

Category 2
Honour the past: Monuments, graves, memorials to past individual military. This will also cover past wars and skirmishes. We feel that this will combine well with visits to battlefields. An ideal combination of the battle areas and the memorials.

Category 3
Medals and Awards. From your own collection or, ones you have seen on trips or, in museums. Some background information is required on each. A lovely open subject so, use your imagination.

Category 4
Any subject of your choice. military, non-military, homes, families, landmarks, views.

Opens : Midnight (GMT +1 UK time) Tuesday 1st October 2013
Closes: Midnight (GMT UK time) Thursday 31st October 2013

Conditions of Entry

The competition is open to all GMIC members and their immediate family. Enter under the member’s name.

  • All entries should be original and copyright owned by the person entering them.
  • By entering this competition you give to GMIC the licensed right to use your image unconditionally, including editing of the image as it sees fit. The member still retains full ownership of copyright.
  • There is no limit to the number of entries you may submit in each category. However, use your discretion, as flooding categories with multiple entries is unlikely to be viewed favourably
  • Entries must be with-in the category limits as shown
  • No inappropriate images, if in doubt then don't post it !

Judging panel will be Peter Monahan (chair), Megan, Claudius and Spasm (Steve).

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Well, the entries are in and the judges thank you all for giving them some real meat to chew on. Pretty close to 200 entries all together - pretty impressive total.

We will work away individually then consult on the results and publicize the final results as quickly as our various schedules in real life permit. I thank you in advance for your patience!

Peter Monahan,


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