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27 September 2011

Greg Collins



It is dismal here for about the fourth day in a row... wet, dank and nasty. The sun has deserted us and I have a great crop of mushrooms- not the good kind (damn it)- growing on my lawn. It is difficult to get out and photograph more awards as I use the reflected sunlight for fill (my main light being the on-camera flash), so I'm concentrating on processing the images I already have and planning the next batch.

Most of my active collecting has been, well, over for a while now. The images I'm adding to the galleries are of awards and badges that have been with me for a good long while. Occasionally I'll get a new piece- maybe once every two months. I generally go for the "odd" things that amuse me these days (they're generally not expensive items), like the Georgia SSR Volunteer Police badge- you don't see those alot (Igor doesn't even have one right this minute).

I did get something, or a few somethings, new yesterday. Several documents from Pridnestrovie (PMR)... two large honour documents, two blank docs for the gold and silver 65th Year Victory in the GPW medals and a doc for a 50th Year Victory in the GPW ( Russian Fed medal issued by the PMR!). So, that was all good. Another doc was "thrown-in" to the mix... a Black Sea Cossack document of some kind- not an award, but maybe an invitation. More on that later.

Back to work for two days tomorrow and then off for the weekend. Added bonus... Friday is payday!!! What's not to like?



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Greg - I wish some of your photos would appear on the Photo Comp. - I'm sure they would do well. Also, the mushrooms (more likely Toadstools) could be very photogenic ?

Please IM your address - I've got a copy of the Certificate to send - this shows the logo very well.
Keep blogging - I enjoy your exploits. Mervyn

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OK, Mervin, I'll throw a couple of photos in the mix... remember, "you asked for it" (am I the only one who remembers that t.v. show?). Also sending my address.


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