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Forum Upgrade



Members need to be aware that over the next few weeks there will be some major upgrades taking place on the forum. The most important changes are in relation to user log on. Some users may be using a different logon name to their display name. As of the upgrade users MUST log on with their public display name and not their log on name as this will no longer work.

Other changes relate to the style and as well as some structural changes.

I will try to keep forum down times to a minimum. But to achieve this there may be some periodic changes in style and display, so please do not be overly worried if things look a bit strange from time to time.



Recommended Comments

A frustrating experience  -  particularly for Nick.   No-one could have expected these problems and whilst there has been an annoyance factor , dedicated members to our Forum will have accepted them and shown patience whilst waiting for the problems to sort themselves.

May I suggest that members send notes of encouragement to Nick  -  being on your own whilst waiting for the updates must be a lonely experience.     Remember  -  he has regularly kept us up-to date on developments .   Mervyn

One final point  -  Chris Boonzaier has been seconded to the air crash site in the Alps.  Again please send him a note of encouragement   -  it must be a soul shattering experience.

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Nick - Thank you for giving me the privilege of this site.  Dues, donations, whatever I can do to help even a little bit, just ask.

Chris - Thank you for your dedicated efforts in that Godawful event.

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Being gone for sometime and not knowing what recent changes might have been done vs changes since my last activity, all I can say is ... what a major improvement!!

Some of the positive upgrades I have noticed right off the back are larger file size for attachments, the ease in which you can cut & paste and insert into the post and the merge feature.  That last one alone makes it so much easier to post several items with narrative, in a concise manner that flows, without having to post thread after thread to say/show something.  Well done and much appreciated!

I wish other forums would follow this practice. :beer:



The search function still needs work though..;)

Edited by Tim B
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Thanks for the positive comments. It is still very much work in progress. I agree the search needs work and I am slowly working on ironing out the issues. It has been quite a leap of faith  trusting in the developers who have been creating this new platform from scratch. Lots still to be done but slowly we are getting there.



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If I were to make a suggestion on improving the search function, it would be to search by threads or have a selection option for searching by threads or posts.  Currently, when I search items, it gives every single post which generates pages and pages of possibilities but for someone that just wants to read past information on a specific item you continually go back over the same material.  It really bogs one down and eats time searching.  Just a suggestion here and I appreciate all the time and hard work by those involved.

I have noted the similarities in forum layout between GMIC and USMF, is the same organization involved with both forums?




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