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The Nook. Chat Room




I have just opened a Live Chat Room for all members. Access can be gained from the Tab marked 'Chat' on the Forum index page or from the redirect above the lounge.

There are limits to the amount of members that can use it at one time, but IF that because a regular issue, I can upgrade the licence to resolve that.

The usual rules around posting apply in the Chat room so please keep the conversations appropriate.

Enjoy !



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Must be missing something because I don't see a Chat Tab.

But I did find it listed like a sub-forum at the bottom of the page. Nice that you can also open it in a separate window.

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It's next to Collectors' Blogs - but, Nick may have just added it ?

I think it's an excellent idea - all of these new additions keep us ahead of the opposition and give us something to offer to new members.

I would like to take the opportunity to say that we seem to add these new ideas - but, they need an explanation. Perhaps a few paras on the Lounge ? I turned it on yesterday, but, it
wouldn't switch off - so the icon showed 1 member was on-line. However, no one tried to open and see who it was. How can we tell the members that a particular person is on the Chat room and can be contacted by ................ A few simple instruction steps would help members overcome their nervousness.

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