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In Memoriam Mervyn Mitton




I am sad to announce that Mervyn Mitton who has been Senior Moderator and friend to many of us on GMIC for several years passed away on Wednesday. He had been ill for many years, but he never let this get in the way of his passion for Militaria and Police Collectables. His knowledge of British Police history and collectables was immense and his death is a tragic loss to GMIC and the wider collecting world. Mervyn was always very proactive on GMIC and a real driving force behind the scenes amongst the staff. I will miss his old world charm, warmth, generosity and guidance. Yes he could be slighlty cantankerous at times, but that was part of his makeup, an old school English Gentleman a dying breed that are irreplaceable. I will miss him.



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Well said! Sadly, I've seldom been able to be on for the last two years due to my work. How I miss you all and I especially miss my friends Mervyn and Rick. They were great libraries which have now burned down. Thankfully, they put so much of what they contained... their knowledge, wisdom and even a great deal of their personalities here on GMIC where it will, I hope, live on for many, many years to come. They are both irreplaceable. Rick always shared of his knowledge with me and all others freely and Mervyn kept up that tradition after Rick died. Things just won't be the same without them... but that's where we, including myself as much as I'm able, have to continue to carry on and keep their spirits alive.

I'm am honored to have counted them among my friends in this life. May they both RIP. I'm sure they're up there in the great beyond sharing stories and having a grand old time just waiting for the rest of us to show up down the road.


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Mervyn and I were close friends and I last spoke to him just a few days before his passing.  At that time he was concerned about not being able to write or answer any posts or respond to other members questions; no thoughts of his own plight.  One might think that was because he was unaware of his condition but I assure you that he was well aware that he only had a matter of days left yet he put others before himself right to the end.  I miss him greatly as will those he came in contact with.

Rest In Peace my old friend, we will not see your kind again.


Brian Wolfe

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" an old school English Gentleman a dying breed that are irreplaceable. "

Absolutely spot on my friend.  A powerful and wonderful presence that I miss so...  

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So saddened to hear of the passing of Mervyn. Although I never met the gentleman and only spoke to him once by phone it was obvious to realise his passion and knowledge in his field of collecting and of this particular forum. If it hadn't have been for him I doubt if I would have joined. Rest in peace / Cysgu dawel Mervyn, 


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I have just returned after a considerable absence and seen this. I am very sorry to learn that Mervyn is no longer with us.

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Sadly I too missed this very sad notice regarding Mervyn, who was always so kind regarding my N.F. posts. May he rest in peace.

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