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6 October 2011

Greg Collins



Another 2 days off is coming to an end as I have to work the weekend this week- the schedule we work gives us every other weekend off. But if I can make it through the weekend, I have the next eleven days off!!! Woopie! The benefits of having to keep your vacation time accrued within established limits. Too much time on the books.

Nothing much happening here... have had more photo opportunity regarding the galleries I'm maintaining. I've added quite a bit to the Bulgarian gallery (have a look) AND, though I was dreading it, began my DDR gallery. Only four images posted so far, but it is a beginning. And I did shoot a bunch this morning, so look for more before the day's done.

Interesting stuff going on near Wall Street. Kind of exciting; gets me feeling like the late '60's-early '70's again. Were I a bit younger, and less encumbered by the trappings of life, I'd probably go join in. Take my guitar, sing a few protest songs, indulge a bit in whatever was being passed around. Ah, memories...

Nine more days to shoot for the photo contest. I'd like to get a few more in before hanging it up. We'll see how it goes...


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Greg - don't waste that presious 11 days - post photos on the Comp. !

When I was in the Met. we used to have this time off problem. Extra time for Court - or, for overtime was on a card - you could take it as time, but at one time they would pay it as extra salary. I believe that has been stopped as too expensive.

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