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Classified Section & German Language Forum




A couple of updates for the forum over the last few weeks:

The first is a New Classified for Sale Section. The old Sale Section is now closed and the new classified section is being tested. The main advertisements have to be listed in GBP Stirling Pounds but there is a section within the advert which allows sellers to advertise the sale in other currencies and specify what currency they prefer for payment. The reason for this is mainly due to software limitations and as this essentially is a British run forum then advertisements are going to be in British Pounds. However this main change in the future as the software is developed.

Secondly, again as a trial run, I will be hosting a German Language section within the German section. This will be for topics relating to Germany (any period) and is to encourage German speaking collectors to the forum. I hope that as a consequence of this there will be some cross over in that forum between English and German collectors and that with encouragement, German speakers who have a lot to offer, but may have some language problems posting in English, may feel more comfortable initially testing the water there.

Wishing you all a Happy and Prosperous 2012



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Very good! I bet you expected this but how about a French language forum for the same reasons? We have French members whose command of English is very good but I know of quite a few collectors and students of military history just in the Paris region alone, who could probably bring a lot to GMIC but who fall into the same category as the German-speakers to whom you refer.


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