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Iron Cross is the UK's only magazine focusing entirely on German military history from 1914 to 1945. It launched in June 2019 and is available worldwide in both print and digital formats. GMIC is launching a trial area to promote discussion of the topics contained within the magazine.
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  • Expert talk on IED's (Improvised explosive device) via Zoom by Lt -General Jonathon Riley By Cautley

    • £10.00
    • 24 days and 10 hours  
    Our next talk is on IED’s (Improvised explosive device) on Friday 5th March at 6.00pm by Lt-General Jonathon Riley. Many of Britain's wars since 1945 have revolved around counter-insurgency and counter-terrorism: in Malaya, Cyprus, Aden, Northern Ireland, Iraq and Afghanistan. Over the decades, the weapons used by security forces and insurgents alike have evolved as technologies produce new opportunities, measures and counter-measures. Since the 1970s, the favoured weapon of the insurgent
  • Soviet 37 mm automatic anti-aircraft gun By SovPha

    • £125.00
    • 23 days and 7 hours  
    Offering this unique scratch album with 80 pages of the famous Soviet 37 mm automatic anti-aircraft gun - model 1939. The book was released in 1946 for the Main Artillery Directorate of the Red Army by Military Publishing House of the Ministry of the Armed Forces of the USSR - Moscow. Item is Located in UKRAINE.
  • Yser Cross wanted. By Duncan

    • £1.00
    • 21 days and 11 hours  
    Hello, I was interested in getting a Yser Cross (not the Yser Medal but the cross version). Anyone know any reliable dealers I can use? 
  • WWI/Freikorps Document Group to Former Sergeant and Polizeiwachtmeister Paul Wrobel By bolewts58

    • £110.00
    • 21 days and 9 hours  
    Fuhrungszeugnis (criminal record - none) - 1/6/1910 – Kanonier, Feldartillerie=Regiments Pender (1. Schles.) Nr. 6 EKII field document - 21/5/1920  Silesian Eagle II – 10/2/1921 signed in pencil by Generalmajor and Kommandeur der 2 Kavallerie-Division Otto von Preinitzer (https://de.wikipedia.org/wiki/Otto_von_Preinitzer), (https://de.linkfang.org/wiki/Otto_von_Preinitzer) Austrian War Commemorative Medal with Swords – 14/12/1935 Bulgarian War Commemorative Medal – 30/1/1936
  • German Awards of World War II, Vol 1: the General Assault Badge By misterjerry

    • £300.00
    • 18 days and 22 hours  
    hello, i am look for this book, German Awards of World War II, Vol 1: the General Assault Badge, to buy or trade, i have German combat badges of the Third Reich Vol 1. mint condition, for sale or trade to the above book. thank you
  • Order of Service to the Motherland 3rd Class w/Record Card By GODISHIGH

    • £321.00
    • 14 days and 11 hours  
    This is an Order of Service to the Motherland 3rd Class. It is in excellent condition with no chips or cracks. It has the record card included Price: $450.00 PayPal, Postal Money Order or Bank Cashiers Check Only I ship worldwide More pictures or info? Please email me via PM Offers Welcome
  • War in the West African Colonies and the daring raid on Fernando Po' Zoom talk on Friday 19th February at 7.00pm By Cautley

    • £10.00
    • 13 days and 6 hours  
    With British West African colonial territories surrounded by mainly friendly French colonies, little changed at the outbreak of World War II. This was until the Royal Navy conducted a raid on ships off the coast of French Algeria in July 1940, leading to numerous French fatalities and causing a rift with the French Government. A few days later Marshal Pétain dissolved the Third Republic, setting himself up as Head of State at which point the British colonies were surrounded by largely hostile Vi
  • Auszeihnungen der Warsaw Pact - Awards of the Warsaw Pact By Undertheredstar

    • £87.00
    • 10 days and 11 hours  
    I have three volumes of this series for sale.  These were created in the 1980s for use by NATO. Each of these rare volumes illustrates virtually EVERY military and civilian decoration and award in use during the Cold War for one or more Warsaw Pact countries. Many of these awards are unknown to even most advanced collectors or military historians. Such a compilation of decorations simply does not exist in any other single document or book. This is a chance for you to own a piece of history and,
  • International Orders for Sale By GODISHIGH

    • £1.00
    • 5 days and 12 hours  
    (Only one available) Romanian Order of the Romanian Star. Also has crown with swords and rosette and the right blue arm has a chip on the front and back . No markings on the piece. --$100.00 Belgian Order of Leopold Officers with Rosette. This is the Gold version. There are no markings on the piece and the enamel is excellent with no cracks or chips. --ON HOLD Denmark Order of the Dannebrog. Gold Version. No Markings on the piece. Has Frederick IX roman numeral above cros

    • £2,350.00
    • 4 days and 13 hours  
    I´m making some changes in my staff. That´s why I´m selling this magnificent Pair:  Colour Serjeant W. Beckham, Scots Fusilier Guards Military General Service 1793-1814, 2 clasps, Vittoria, Nive (W. Beckham, Serjt., 3rd Foot Gds.) , with silver brooch bar; Army L.S. & G.C., V.R., 1st issue, large letter reverse, edge dated (W. Beckham, Colour Serjt., Scots Fus. Guards. 1842) with replacement silver ring and straight bar suspension, this latter inscribed, ‘Peninsula’, with silver br
  • WANTED: GERMAN ARMBANDS By kyles bullets

    • £1.00
    Looking for German armbands. Mostly unusual or uncommon examples. Anything not in the photo attached might be of interest. Thanks!
  • WTB: WWI German MG accessories By MG1918

    • £0.02
    Looking to pay top price for many WWI Imperial German machine gun items. Please email any items or ask for ''wants list'' Many thanks and Happy New Year. Mark 
  • Looking for German ribbon bars. By Napalm_Jelly96

    • £123.00
    Im looking for a specific type of ribbon bars. If you have any please feel free to email me. feldspangeman96@aol.com I'm currently on the hunt for exotic or rare ribbon bars. They can be a one placer to a 10placer. I would like to find more German ribbon bars with Rossets or Turkish awards. Im also looking for named ribbon bars or researchable ribbon bars. Heres a list of what im looking for.  Turkish awards on a ribbon bar Eastern people award on  a ribbon bar. named or rese
  • Socialist Yugoslavia - Order of Labour with the Red Flag (1st class), early number, with case and ribbon By Drugo

    • £120.00
    On sale this Order of Labour with Red Flag from the Socialist Federal Republic of Yugoslavia. It is an early example, with serial number #704, defect to the enamel which was repaired at some point, the defect is minor and can be seen in the pictures. This type of Order of Labour was made by IKOM Zagreb and originally on two screws, factory replaced to needle in the late 1940s to early 1950s. Comes with original case and ribbon. Rare and very decently priced, if I may say.
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