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British WW1 medals wanted in swap for wartime KC/GCiG autographs

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British WW1 medals wanted in swap for wartime KC/GCiG autographs

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I am looking for the following British medals:



- British WW1 trios to Regiments (14-15 star, BWM, VM)

- British WW1 groupings with mercantile marine medal



I could offer the following wartime signatures in a swap. If you are interested in any of the documents please feel free to drop me a message. More pictures of the documents are possible of course. Thanks!



Best regards






1. Karl Adolf Hollidt (1891-1985)

KC on 8th December 1941 as Generalleutnant and commander of the 50. Infantry Division

239. Oakleaves on 17th May 1943 as General der Infanterie and commander-in-Chief 6th Army


2. Paul Weiß (1913-1945)

KC on 16th September 1943 as Obergefreiter 6th/ Infantry-Regiment 481

Feldpost envelope with letter inside


3. Dr. Hermann Kremer (1914-1988)

GCiG on 8th October 1943

KC on 23rd March 1945 as Major of the Reserve and commander of II./ Artillery-Regiment 129 (Battle of East Prussia)

Feldpost envelope with letter inside


4. Ernst Stäudle (1913-1946)

KC on 10th April 1942 as SS Oberscharführer of the Reserve in the SS Artillery Regiment Totenkopf (Demjansk)

Feldpost envelope with letter inside


5. Wilhelm Hümmerich (1917-2008)

KC on 18th October 1941 as Leutnant of the Reserve in the 14th/ Infantry-Regiment 80

Feldpost letter



German Cross Winners:


1. Otto Roettig (1887-1966) - prewar

GCiG on 28th February 1942 as Generalleutnant and commander oft he 198th Infantry Division - signature from 1938


2. Karl-Julius Brattig (1892-1944)

GCiG on 21th February 1942 as Lieutnant-Colonel and commander of the II./ Artillery Regiment 29 (Demjank pocket)

KIA in the Tscherkassy pocket as a Colonel and commander of the Artillery Regiment 172


3. Hermann Janowski (1884-1948)

GCiG on 15th January 1944 as Generalmajor z.V. and Höherer Pionier Führer 30


4. Bruno Ortner (1889-1971)

GCiG on 20th January 1945 as Generalmajor and commander of the 281. Infantry Division


5. Max Kainrath

GCiG on 20th January 1945 as Major and commander of the II./ Panzer-Artillery-Regiment 78

envelope only

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