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Iron Cross is the UK's only magazine focusing entirely on German military history from 1914 to 1945. It launched in June 2019 and is available worldwide in both print and digital formats. This area has been created in partnership with the magazine to promote discussion of the magazine and the articles within it. Copyright, editorial control and content of the published magazine remains with WARNERS GROUP PUBLICATIONS PLC.
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  2. Just FYI Should you (anyone) be interested to write for Iron Cross Magazine, if you have an idea for feature and if you think we might be interested in it, feel free to drop us an email! Either to me: robin.schaefer@warnersgroup.co.uk (historical editor), or to the Admiral-General-Feldmarschall-Editor in Chief himself: andy.saunders@warnersgroup.co.uk. Thanks for your interest! Rob
  3. A super article Chris! Thank you for all of your years of research, and your patience in obtaining these rare items. This area of collecting is not covered anywhere else. Well done.
  4. Can only agree. A new (albeit already a year old) magazine with fresh, original articles and a stylish area of the forum to discuss the pieces contained within.
  5. I have been working and adding to this over the last few years... I think this will be my final effort on the Leiber Ring... unless something totally unknown pops up I think this just about covers every aspect and includes the officers award certificate, officers ring etc. etc...
  6. Dr. Aaron Pegram has a fantastic article with relics on the Red Baron, many from the Australian War Museum...
  7. For anyone interested in the MP18, an article by Folke Myrvang has some great examples...
  8. This area is to discuss and promote the articles which are appearing in the Iron Cross Magazine. Please check back soon to see what this new partnership is all about.
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