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This area is going to be used to discuss and promote the future of GMIC. Please join in the discussions.
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  2. Thanks guys for the input and patience, hopefully will get something together over the next week or so. I have been really busy lately and I am away from my GMIC Ops room at the moment.
  3. I’d happily buy GMIC merchandise if you had a shop on here. Tee shirt, hoodie etc. Seems It can be outsourced and purchases made to order nowadays. tony
  4. At the end of the day Nick, I am sure what you finally decide will be diligently considered, I, for one, am prepared to help in anyway required, possibly because, scarily enough, I have been a member of the forum for over 16 years, I have a fair deal of affection for it. Paul Sorry 15 years my maths has let me down
  5. I am certainly considering selective advertising, just do not currently want to go down the route of Google Adsense or Amazon as I can see issues with that route.
  6. Hello. I believe it is a huge fallacy to dismiss the idea of selective advertising on this website! These ads actually serve as an important source of information for the collecting community. I and many acquaintances of mine rely upon ads placed by major auction houses and militaria dealers to remind us about important upcoming auctions and dealers' inventory updates. When I log onto SDA, I spend the first hour clicking on the ads in a never ending quest to snare more treasures for the collection. Since it's based in the UK, GMIC should try to get houses like Spink, Morton & Eden, Sotheby's, C&T (just to name a few) to advertise their Orders & Decorations Auctions and Militaria Auctions here on this website. Moreover, Künker, Bene Merenti, Hermann Historica, Dorotheum, etc would also be prime ad-candidates.
  7. Thanks for the continuing discussions. I am not looking at blocking anyone from viewing posts or information as I too believe that should be free. I will be implement some kind of membership plan that gives benefits to members who pay or donate. Thanks for the support and donation much appreciated 🤙 Ads I am going to tread carefully here for a few reasons, so I don't anticipate a huge upsurge in Ads and banners any time soon.
  8. I cannot agree more about the advertisers, that's why I have ad blocker and my current blocked ads counter says it blocked 1,231,066 ads since 2016 and I remember having over two million ads blocked on my previous computer. Also, I was watching some hour long documentary on youtube and by the end of it, the blocked ads counter for that video alone was about a 1,000. It's mind boggling how much of this crap you get served online. That being said, I wouldn't mind getting these ads if it's going to a good cause such as keeping GMIC running. Of course, if most of others agree but I'm sure Nick will find better and most suitable solution.
  9. Okay Gentlemen, time for pants down! I just donated 50 Pounds to the GMIC account, pretty easy, just use the button on the landing page of this side. Nick, if you don't recieved it, just let me know. My paypal account says pending but I guess it will work out fine! So take it as my first yearly fee as golden status promoter or what ever! Gentlemen, time to act, we discussed enough.
  10. Balkan, I agree with you about any form of compulsory subscriptions, I am anti ads, as I feel that advertisers have taken over control of the internet and what you see is often what they want you to see. I am afraid advertisers want more than money, they want influence. However voluntary donations I think is the answer, a suggested figure (say $10) would not break anybody's bank (unless they are begging for spare change outside Tesco) and I am sure many would hopefully and happily give a somewhat larger amount. P
  11. I'm against the paying for membership option if that means people could see information and posts from this forum only if they are members. GMIC has been open source for as long as I'm using it and I think it should stay that way. BlackcowboyBS' idea about promotors seem like a good idea to me. I'm sure some people would pay for that kind of stuff. Also, I think ads would be a great way to generate some money, even the random ads you can see at various sites. I wouldn't mind turning off my ad blocker for GMIC to turn some profit.
  12. I am doing some updating which will require me to do some modifications around the themes. Just so I know what members think can I ask you to vote on what your preferences are in terms of theme colours.
  13. Problem with the text now sorted. Cut and paste from a doc caused the issue. Thanks again for th support and ideas. Will be laying out some ideas in more details for further consideration.
  14. Nick as you know I have always contributed a few bawbeea now and then and am happy to continue to do so. Many people benefit from this site, especially from imfo acquired. I do not believe in subscriptions but I cannot see why most members cant voluntarily contribute a small amount, if every one gave the price of a baroom beer I think Nick will agree that it would be sufficient to fund the forum. Paul
  15. No, but it shouldn't block your ability to read the post - just select the text with your mouse and you can red it (and react). Kind regards, Sandro +1
  16. I would be happy pay a Membership subscription (I like the 'Ad-free' option mention by @Megan). I also like the idea of badges/mugs etc
  17. Hi Nick, first a huge Thank you, for your time and effort on this side. Many people forget that the internet is not free at all, it allways generates cost on some points and this has to be covered. I am in for a small yearly fee or open to advertising or thinks like that. So when my new book on Hannover will be available I will certainly put an advertise here. I am sure that we all together could help covering your costs. And the suggestion of 1812overture could be changed into an digital badge, we had the same in the SDA Forum, named promotor of the forum, it is in silver and gold (25 and 50 € per year). This might be the easiest way for you to cover the costs. Why don't you give this a try? I would willingly become a promotor of this Forum.
  18. Hello! I personally think that the members who are regularly active here in the forum could make a small annual contribution. I think 10 quid per year is not too much. Furthermore, you could charge a small admission fee of 5 £ once for new people.
  19. Hi everyone, I do not know how many members GMIC has but probably we are talking about thousands. I would suggest a small fee. Price for a beer (or café latte with soy milk for non-alcoholic drinkers:) dedicated to this great e-forum once a year wouldn't kill anyone. And If it does...bad luck then go to educate yourself somewhere else. Regards, Tom
  20. Nick, I echo the thoughts of the others and I to have no problem paying a membership fee. The work you have undertaken on this site is fantastic.
  21. I second the notion about sellers paying some sort of a nominal fee, say 1%, which is way lower than fees on eBay and other platforms. As for other proposals - IMHO all should be implemented, hopefully together they will generate enough proceeds to cover the costs.
  22. I think those members that use the forum for selling, should pay fees, like i do on ebay, paypal and payoneer. Also new members should pay membership. I dont know how members are in web total, but if each member give 1$ every year, i think you can manage the site. Regards, Endri.
  23. Keep the ideas coming. Many thanks.
  24. I know the British Medal Forum has a fundraising blitz each year, which seldom takes long to reach its goal. Of course it would remain to be seen how many new contributors would step in. Michael
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