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    I started the book in 2004 and here we are after fifteen years, the book has been published, I hope it will be of added value to all collectors. It is the first book on orders and medals of the Republic of Lebanon and it consists of 384 pages, A4 size with hard cover; All orders and medals of the Republic of Lebanon are listed with their related decrees. It is in English and Arabic and divided into 4 chapters: I. Official Levant or French Mandate Orders, Decorations and Medals II. Official Orders, Decorations and Medals of Lebanon since Independence III. UN Lebanon related official Orders, Decorations and Medals IV. Unofficial Lebanon related Orders, Decorations and Medals (Local and International) for more details contact me by WhatsApp 00961-3-655048 if you want or by email at eghossoub@gmail.com any time. Price is Euro 85 + shipment (available in France) or $90 + shipment (shipped from Lebanon), soon in the USA (Texas).


  3. Thank you Daniel! Are you 100% sure it's Theodor Eschenburg? Photo of him from the "Deutschlands Admirale" attached below. It would appear he shaved of his beard and moustache? I think the known awards match: -Ritterkreuz des Königlich Preußischen Hausordens von Hohenzollern mit Schwertern (25. 09. 1918) -Eisernes Kreuz (1914) 1. Klasse -Eisernes Kreuz (1914) 2. Klasse -Königlich Preußische Kaiser Wilhelm-Centenarmedaille 1897 -Königlich Preußischer Roter Adler-Orden 4. Klasse -Königlich Preußisches Dienstauszeichnungskreuz -Königlich Preußische Rettungsmedaille am Bande -Lübeckisches Hanseatenkreuz -Ritterkreuz 1. Klasse des Königlich Sächsischen Albrechts-Ordens mit Schwertern -Ritterkreuz des Königlichen Ordens der Württembergischen Krone mit Schwertern -Ehrenkreuz für Frontkämpfer His german wikipedia entry says Wilhelm II. awarded him with the Großkomturkreuz des Königlich Preußischen Hausordens von Hohenzollern. Is that correct? Or is it just the Komturkreuz like you wrote in your answer?
  4. The officer on the right can be seen wearing the badge
  5. This officer is wearing the badge above the breast pocket
  6. Two soldier wearing the badge (first and last from left to right). Photo taken in Kaposvár, Hungary.
  7. Group of soldiers wearing the badge except the one sitting on the left
  8. Thank you! I'm glad I've managed to get a silver one.
  9. Konteradmiral a.D. Theo Eschenburg, Generaladjutant of W2 in Exile. Around the neck the Hohenzollern Commander with swords on the ring. The mystery badge appears to be the 80th birthday badge of W2. Best, Daniel
  10. small addition to the topic of SMS Viribus Unitis - Military Merit Cross 3rd Class with War Decoration and with particular dedication on the reverse (2nd from right). Obviously presented as a gift to unknown officer serving on SMS Viribus Unitis in 1914, probably closely after outbreak of the WWI.
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    My 2nd Empire items

    Guaranty mark for small articles: Crab (silver fineness of .800) silver hallmark France 1838-Present Guaranty mark for small articles: Crab (silver fineness of .800) silver hallmark
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  13. A novice to militaria myself from the get-go I was coaxed by some of my friends to invest in it. This due to all the uncertainty having to do with the 2008 crisis, low interest and all. Incited, I took the bold step and, as of 2018, I officially started collecting militaria, truly hoping that this would deliver me more interest than banks could ever promise. Decided to specialize in U-Boat history, here I am. But could you please be a honest judge on whether I did well on purchasing these pieces (photo attached)? First and foremost, are they real? I want them to be real, but I value your judgement higher than my wish. I bought them from two different sellers and all three pieces struck me authentic on sheer sight. I hope I do own original cap badges for U 382, U 255 and U 407. But am I right? Don't hesitate to publish the most trivial of detail.
  14. Hi Gordon, That's great and I have already ordered a copy. Many thanks because I did not know about this book and it sound an extremely interesting read. The photograph of the cemetery also helps to put things into prospective. It is a pity a headstone was not erected for his daughter's burial in 1931. Maybe 'Julia Ann Meek' could not afford the cost of such a thing? Alan.
  15. Wilhelm I, awarded in 1888 whilst von Seckendorf was serving as Flügeladjutant to Wilhelm I. At the time, he held the rank of Kspitän zur See. See the overview below, kindly reproduced from OuE issue 104, p 185
  16. Alan, I don’t believe WATKINS has a marked grave. In Amanda Pulse’s book Jack and the Old Jewry, there is a photograph of the plot (general area) where he is buried. If you haven’t read this book, I highly recommend it, she documents the lives of all the City Bobby’s with a connection to the Ripper. Gordon.
  17. Hi Sampo, Thank you for your reply! John
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