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  2. Hi Dave, the first medal is the one instituted in 1948 and awarded well into the 1960s. Four different variations are known to exist. The second one is the 1982 version, mainly awarded to the members of EAM/ELAS. Regards, Giorgos
  3. As a neutral disinterested third party, I’d like to see the medal and tobacco jar in the same display case. 😇
  4. Hi Gents, a friend of mine got this document, but unfortunately we are not able to read the language. Could someone be so kind and translate the document for me? Every help appreciated. Kind regards Andreas
  5. Hi Arho, I tend to agree that it is indeed Jakob Hitzler. It would pre-date his 1 January 1902 award of the BMV4a. He is shown in the 1871 Militär-Handbuch as an Offizier-Aspirant (Junker) in the 7. Infanterie-Regiment. However, there is another possiblity: Oberstleutnant Benno Brünn, Landwehr-Bezirkskommandeur of Kaiserslautern around the same time and who had exactly the same decorations and wore the number 6 on the epaulettes. Oberst Brünn was a Junker in 2. Jäger-Bataillon in 1871. Regards Glenn
  6. Wow, thanks @Utgardloki@spoleiand especially @dedehansenfor your input! I'll have one on you guys tonight 🙂 @dedehansen I think you nailed it! I took some time to check and it looks like the 12th bavarian IR took part in all these battles, great! I combined my and your picture to make the similarities clear - if you dont want that please tell me and I will remove it. Cheers
  7. 1936 there was only awarded 200 people with the Segelflugabzeichen C in Bronze.
  8. Interesting! In 1967 Canada celebrated its centennial as a country and, among other events, held a series of military 'pageants', for which the government ordered quite a number of 'historical uniforms'. They looked fine on parade but wouldn't fool a tailor or a soldier familiar with the original issue. I also have a friend who makes museum quality copies of 1812 era uniforms, some for Parks Canada and their historical sites, some for European museums and some for private collectors. More than one of these has shown up for sale, tagged as 'original' although, again, most are not 100% accurate on the inside.
  9. Than you, Bayern, for jogging my old memory. I did say 'non-spotted' cat but forgot to mention the spotted South American cat, the jaguar!
  10. Glenn: Thank you - great! I am very sure that's him (The Nose and ear are too similar for any coincidence) - now I will do some research on his wife :-) So first of all here ist one man I was able to identify (I hope...): It should be Oberstleutnant Jakob Hitzler 6. IR, Erlangen (father of Jakob Ritter von Hitzler, t 1915, Militär-Max-Joseph-Orden). I like his set of battle-clasps of which I could until now only decipher "Paris". More to follow... Best
  11. Hi All, I have just found this thread and the photos of the fantastic collection of badges @SCcollector has posted. I'm trying to get hold of a KC Bradford police cap badge and was wondering if anyone could point me in the right direction? It's to go in a frame with some medals so I don't really want a helmet plate, it's too big. Thanks for the help, Michael
  12. Time Left: 27 days and 12 hours

    • FOR SALE

    Dear all, here for sale a Yugoslavian Order of the Partisan Star with Rifles in an original war/early post war box. The box and the star numbers are not matching, still, this type of box is extremely hard to find and will only gain in value over time. Beautiful set! Payment can be done by Paypal friends or +4%. Worldwide shipping by registered mail from Italy or France at cost - please ask for destination. Any other question, just ask. Cheers, Drugo


  13. Much research can be done online these days (GPW-era citations, war diaries, maps, KIA lists, etc.), but you still need a researcher to link a serial number to a specific recipient and to obtain documents other than GPW-era citations (pre-GPW and post-GPW citations, service records, personnel files, etc.). I don't do translations anymore, but you can contact me for the research.
  14. the next item for sale-for eagerness 28mm I hope somebody will determine the period,I think the medal is not silver
  15. Thank you. Do you agree that the other ribbons are as I wrote above? Slowakisches Kriegsiegerkreuz (can you guess the class?), Medalla de la Campaña Española (1936–1939), Erinnerungsmedaille für die Verteidigung der Slowakei?
  16. Here is an interesting photo. It is from an album containing a hundred photos of the Russian Army, compiled in France in 1892. It clearly shows a soldier in a uniform from the 1812 period. The album is described in more detail at: http://riowang.blogspot.com/2012/06/russian-army.html Another Russian "1812" style uniform, identified as a turn-of-the-century copy, sold at auction in 2010. The original listing is at: https://www.liveauctioneers.com/item/8015734_84-imperial-russian-horse-guard-uniform Here is another great photo showing early copies of Napoleonic uniforms, this time "heritage" uniforms worn by members of a German cuirassier regiment. The uniform second from left is likely from the era of Frederick the Great, and the uniform on the far right is almost certainly the uniform of the regiment at the time the photo was taken, probably between 1890 and 1914. I originally found it at: http://www.kuerassierregimenter.de/ausruestung.php?set=&id=1
  17. Hi, I hope I can get some help with this. There are some missing parts and likely some errors in my transcription. My draft: Im Jahre Eintausendachthunderten vierzig am zehnten November Morgens acht Uhr wurde dahier ein Mädchen ehelich geboren u. am neun _ [zwanzigsten] getauft u. benennt: Anna Maria Elisabetha. Eltern: Johannes Joseph, hiesiger Bürger _________ , ____Maria geboren Löffel. Taufgasten: Andreas Schmidt u. Martin Joseph, hiesige Bürger; Maria Barbara Ernst, Johann Georg Schneiders Ehefrau; Jonas Josephs Ehefrau, Katharina geboren Adler. Bahlingen 29 November 1840
  18. Hello, Too well made to be a fake apart of the lack of the interior lining, its perceptible that in other time the helmet beared cockades.
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