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  2. The "o" can be open on top if not done neatly
  3. Thanks for posting your nice picture Martin. Also a thank you for contributing so that the thread does not die out!🍻👏👏👏 Cheers,Morten.
  4. I think it was awarded for a Norwegian state visit to the Netherlands in the early sixties.
  5. Nice group, Olav on the end is interesting assume he was a military attache in Oslo. P
  6. Plus the centre of the medaillon appears to vaguely represent a vertical figure, just as is the case with the st. Henry order
  7. Snowpie, What a rare and wonderful award. Thank you for displaying this precious item! And, yes, the Magician, Bata, is a great person and phenomenal, astounding pool wizard. Seeing him in action delights and mystifies anyone fortunate enough to observe!!
  8. Linasl

    Old Spanish? Side Bag

    Thanks a ton Antonio!! Linas
  9. Hi the GMIC community, I recently bought an order of Michael the Brave, type 1, 3rd Class in silver and would be very very grateful if you could share your opinion. 1) Do you think it is an authentic order or it is a fake? 2) Do you have any clues whether in terms of the manufacturer or at least the country it was produced in? Also posting the fixing, which is quite different from the models I find on the internet:
  10. A new addition to my Soviet civilian development/restoration campaign medals. The medal "For the Development of Virgin Lands" was instituted on October 20th, 1956, and awarded to 1345520 Soviet workers who helped to cultivate 36000000 hectares of previously uncultivated lands in Kazakhstan, Siberia, The Urals, the Volga area and the northern Caucasus for two solid years from 1954 - 1956.
  11. The colour of the ribbon of the Order of the Netherlands Lion has not been changed since 1815. We see the Duke wear the Grandcross of the Order of St. Henry, I don't think it is too much of a stretch to say that the cross we are discussing, is also the Order of St. Henry. The devices between the cross-arms look a bit like crowns.
  12. Yes. From Spain. It is the (BANDOLERA) "golden shoulder strap" approved in the uniformity regulation of 1943 It is placed from the left shoulder to the right side. Gold gallon five centimeters wide, forming the embroidery with alternating castles and lions. The gallon is lined with red cloth, placed in such a way that it does not exceed the width of that one. On the chevron, sliding and to fix it in the center of the chest, an elliptical plate of fire-gilded brass is placed. The dimensions of the axes of the same are eight and five and a half centimeters, respectively. It has in its center and with its enamel colors, the emblem of the Army. The buckle, pin and corner pieces are made of gold metal. Finish the chevron at its two ends in two hooks to hold the holster (CARTUCHERA). This, built in black patent leather, with gold metal chape, is lined with a scarlet chamois and has the Army emblem in the center of the lid.
  13. Hello ... trying to get some assistance in identifying whether this uniform coat is authentic, and if so, an authentic what? ... or is it a vintage and truly lovely costume piece? In either case it is really quite old and very handsome. Please ask questions ... if there is anything can tell you that would help, I surely will. There is a lot of hand work in the lining ... but the outer shell seems to be machine stitched ... Thanks in advance, Rick
  14. Hello. I am a collector and an eBay Seller. I just bought a side bag I believe is Spanish. Can you please take a look at the photos and help me identify it? Any help would be appreciated. Thanks. Linas
  15. whoops just noticed the elephant in the room the obverse is AII should be AI for Alexander I so not original I am afraid after failing to notice that I need a golden labrador and a white stick. P
  16. That is of course correct Graham - but overture1812's question is about one without markings, which do exist, I gather, but pics will be needed to confirm authenticity or otherwise.
  17. QUEZON'S GAMBIT Dr Eugene Stransky was an prominent Austrian physician of Jewish descent who specialized in hematology ( blood disorders) in the 1930s. In 1939 he found himself transported to the Philippine Islands to escape persecution from the Nazis. It was Philippine Commonwealth President Manuel Quezon who exerted that extraordinary Herculean effort to save as many Jews as he could (1,200 Jews) in their desperate hour of need. Although Quezon had many faults ( he was only human after all) by this single act alone, standing up for the oppressed, foreigners at that, inspite of pressures from friend and foe alike, he is considered as a great Filipino President. Thus you better watch the movie "Quezon's Game" while it's still running in movie theatres to see the story of Quezon's heroic act. That is why, the highest and the most prestigious decoration of the Philippine Republic is named after him - the Quezon Service Cross. Dr Stransky stayed in the Islands long after a Japanese were driven off. He practiced both adult and pediatric hematology and is considered the Father of Hematology here in the Philippines. I should know. I am also a Pediatric Hematologist. I have 2 medal variants ( one is convex the other is more flat)of this very rare, seldom seen decoration officially struck by Jose Tupaz of El Oro. One specimen came from the famous Ramon Villegas collection. "SIC FLORET RESPUBLICA" ( Thus the Republic flourishes). These are inscribed in the medallion. PS. The producer should have entitled the movie "Quezon's Gambit". It would have been more dramatic.
  18. Hi Paul Thank you, I will compare with the catalog. it can be a stroke of luck to find such a rare metal in a garage sale. we will see! Best Regards Lambert ...
  19. Order of Lakandula, Rank: Champion for Life (2006-2010) #Medals that tell our History After the Philippine Republic was established in 1946, the government instituted State Decorations for citizens who have shown exemplary merit worthy of being honored. In the order of precedence, the Quezon Service Cross (1946) is considered the highest State Decoration followed by 2 "senior" decorations, the Phil. Legion of Honor (est. 1947 for defense merit) and the Order of Sikatuna (est. 1953 for diplomatic merit). In 2003, a third Senior decoration was established, the Order of Lakandula .This decoration was divided into 6 ranks and was established for civil and political merit. In 2006, a 7th rank was established called "Champion for Life". It is conferred for "outstanding achievement in international sport and similar fields of competition and achievement. These achievement should foster national pride and serve as an inspiration to others to achieve excellence." The first recipient of the decoration was boxing icon Manny Pacquiao in 2006. Other notable recipients were 6- time bowling world champion Paeng Nepomuceno and my personal favorite, the world's greatest pool master, Efren "Bata" Reyes. Only 10 of these decoration were ever struck and conferred. It was last awarded in 2010. I was fortunate enough to acquire one with the consent of the owner - a world class athlete who won a world championhip. I'd rather not mention the sport as it will give away the name of the owner who prefers NOT to be identified for obvious reasons. The Order of Lakandula, Champion for Life is a unique decoration. It is not just an ordinary medal or a breast star. It is in fact a COLLAR- a small version of a grand collar made of sterling silver with an impressive medallion of pre-hispanic/Muslim design exquisitely crafted at the Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas, the official manufacturer of our country's State decorations. The Collar came with an elegant Presidential presentation box made by a firm from Lanao del Norte commissioned by the BSP to house these prestigious decorations. I plan to donate this Order of Lakandula, Champion for Life plus an elegant trophy won by the world champion athlete to a worthy national sports museum for generations of Filipinos to admire and emulate.
  20. I think we have them all identified... Interesting to see is that he got the Grand Cross of the Order of Dannebrog with diamonds (on the Dannebrog breast star).
  21. Hi, can I have your opinions about this one is it ww2 area thanks, hughes
  22. Not totally sure but if it is wrong it is a lot better than the usual fakes. there was definite genuine piece in ANS 2 Morton and Eden Autumn 2006. catalogue is available on line www.mortonandeden.com. So you could compare with the illustration. I know I gave the diameter but I can't remember whether I gave the weight. P
  23. I think the manufacturing mark is 'Vince Mayer & Sons from Vienna', but seeing the medal will help.
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