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  2. Hello, I recently purchased this bronzed figurine. All I can find is that it was made as a presentation for the 1937 labor day and was modelled after the 1936 Olympic figure of Victory. It is solid and weighs about 2.4 kg including the marble base, which has another wreath embedded into it. To the rear is the name Thorak. Wondering if anyone has seen others or knows its true history. Many thanks, Ian.
  3. I always love these threads, always some very interesting pieces come out. I have a couple of personal favorites, not sure which I like more. Both were the most difficult for me to find, so they hold about equal weight.
  4. Try your luck on the following websites. There are 11 pages to go through on Ancestry: https://www.ancestry.com/search/?name=Leo+A._Leclaire&name_x=1 There are some veterans' records available online. For anything further, you will have to contact the National Archives directly. Be sure to follow their directions closely when requesting records: https://www.archives.gov/research/military/veterans/online
  5. I took these photos in 2007 in Trebah Gardens in Cornwall. The beach there was used as an embarkation beach by the US for D-day. The photo of the undergrowth shows trenches dug by US anti-aircraft gun crews. The beach photos show concrete square blocks that look like huge chocolate bars. The blocks formed a concrete mat that covered the beach so tanks could drive on to the landing craft. Unfortunately, last time I went all the blocks has been cleared away and the trenches no longer visible. Trebah Gardens used to make quite a bit of its D-day connection, with quite a few displays and notice boards around. Unfortunately all that seems to have been removed now too and apart from a small monument down by the beach, there's nothing linking it to D-day now.
  6. Hello everyone, I bought a lovely set of letters sent from France just after D-Day by an American GI to a housewife in England he's been billeted with. Is there anyway I can find out more information on the soldier, his full details are on the front of the envelope (attached picture). He was obviously very fond of her, judging by the tone of the letters! Thank you, Duncan.
  7. Paul, you gotta be kidding me
  8. Thanks for the help guys! 😃 highly appriciated
  9. Over the years, I’ve slowly added these coins to my collection. Would be interested to see what other dates and examples other collectors have in their collections.
  10. Is it a Turkish or German brooch? A few months ago I bought this little brooch, and since then I have wondered if it would be for a Turkish officer or a German officer. Any comment will be well received, thanks.
  11. Хрущель Станислав — 64 пех. Казанский полк, ефрейтор. Пожалован Государем Императором через командированного в 1-ю армию Генерал-Адъютанта князя Белосельского-Белозерского за отличие в боях. Khrushel Stanislav - 64th Kazan infantry regiment, corporal. Awarded by the adjutant-general prince Beloselsky-Belozersky for the distinction in battles. Somewhere around 1915.
  12. To complete missing info about these medals : On the obverse : 萬 歳 = Banzai ("10.000 Years") Into the box are the same kanji you can see on the reverse of the medal plus the Imperial date on last column to the right : 皇 紀 二 六 五 〇 年 = (Imperial year 2650 from Empire's foundation by Jimmu Tenno) 2650 - 660 = 1990. This way to show date in 1990 was really strange.... NB : all writings are written from left to right in the western way. ************************************************************* The gold one has the same writings on reverse : 大禮記念章 - Enthronement Commemorative Medal.' ??? (unreadable), I think 金無垢 (Pure Gold ?) 平成二年十一月 - November 1990 On the obverse (Partial unreadable) 皇 ? 萬 歳 = It seems to be "10.000 years of ? to Emperor" ( or something so...) NB : Also this one has writings written in western way. Best regads Dan
  13. Good evening Gentlemen, The increasing interest into WW1 stuff and RFC in particular makes prices soar dramatically in this domain. Loads of "original-looking-or-declared-so" copies are therefore flooding the market. Hence my question: "What about these RFC wings?" "Original or fake"? Jean-Sam.
  14. Hi Guys! I don´t know anyhting about imperial russian order, medals or badges. I would like to ask you guys some things. Is this an original cross? What time period is it from, pre or post 1900? Can you somehow find out who the recpient was with help of the number? 86327
  15. Ynsman

    7th class Rising Sun

    Thank you very much for that confirmation. Alan
  18. That is a question for a champion.... Usually you can figure out the writing by having a "feeling" for what it could be... I am guessing one of those old names none of us has ever heard before...
  19. Much obliged Simius Rex! I own you one.
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