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  2. Splash board details for you. Regards Eddie
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  4. It is a splash board to stop the driver getting sprayed with water and mud when driving with the hatch open. Can be wood or metal. About markings. I think the only official ones are the eagle and number plus the Polish red and white chequered diamond (see photo below) . On the web the named ones are mostly tv series or film tanks. The cupola is a strange one in so far as i have seen T34-76 cupolas with two small hatches that open outwards as did some of the T34 -85 D-5T variations. I imagine the inner cupola ring can be turned to face however you want it to, the photo shows an offset Polish T34-85M2 inner cupola ring just as an example. Regards Eddie
  5. Thank you so much for the information and the links to the excellent articles.....my quest to identify them is complete The articles you linked to describe everything far better than anything i could find online once again many thanks 922F
  6. Thanks a lot for your help with this Eddie. What exactly is that piece that I tried to describe in point 1 of my original post? I did buy a book on T34's and although I found pictures of it on some models I never found any reference to what it was called, what it was made of (some look wooden/some metal), or what it did. I have seen similar on other later model soviet tanks but again no mention of what it did...
  7. Hello Wessel! Are all your orders/medals original? If they are, you have a to say the least an amazing collection! Can we see some pictures of them?
  8. Here are your pics. Regards Eddie
  9. Nothing in Erland Fenn Clark's book. although he has a bit at the back with an overly large image of about a hundred undecorated truncheons. The individual ones are too small to make out any details, though. Clark has a couple of Victorian Met decorated pictures, though.
  10. That should be Wipert von Blücher, who was ambassador to Finland 1935-1944 PS: Just found a proof:
  11. Looking at the gun mantlet in the photo would suggest that by its design this tank would be using the 85mm ZiS-S-53 main Gun. The second photo shows the D-5T type. Regards Eddie
  12. Honored Railway Employee, #127897, with document dated November 15th, 1972 issued to Fekla Prokof’yeva Vinnichuk, Senior Switchman, Zhitomir Southwestern Railroad - Order Book (#Zh634761) dated May 15th, 1971, Order of the Badge of Honor, #581802, May 4th, 1971 - Document for the Badge Excellent Socialist Competition in Rail Transport, #152334, dated July 31st, 1967 - Document for the Badge Excellent Switchman dated March 8th, 1951, Junior Switchman, Zhitomir Southwestern Railroad
  13. Any more photos and information that you have would be great!
  14. How rare are the Hindenburg crosses awarded to finns? Here is a pic of one awarded to Ivar Kauranen, the stamp says "Deutscher gesandt… in Helsingfors". Can anyone read the signature?
  15. PS: And regarding St. Stephen and Leopold collars. They seem to be extraordinary rear. Does anyone know an auction were one of them was sold?
  16. I just had the opportunity to purchase an original grand cross ribbon/sash from ww2. So if anyone should have a grand cross for sale, please let me know!
  17. Hello! Here are my little collection of sports medals from Finland. Not really military but maybe someone finds them interesting anyway. They are quite often mounted on finnish medalbars from after the war. The only cross I still need for my collection is a 1983 type grand cross. So if anyone know of one for sale I am definitly interested! The grandcross 1945 type is only awarded 29 times if I remember right. Unfortunately I don´t have a name for the recipient of my cross.
  18. Star is second type (1932-1947); knight with swords Crowns are second type (1932-1947); middle one likely knight with swords & right side officer or above with swords--grade would be indicated by ribbon device. http://www.omsa.org/files/jomsa_arch/Splits/1999/151153_JOMSA_Vol50_1_19.pdf provides a good overview for the Star Order http://www.omsa.org/files/jomsa_arch/Splits/2008/43278_JOMSA_Vol59_1_04.pdf provides a good overview of the Crown Order
  19. Here is the splash board, mud guards, wheel and track type (waffle design) on a GDR T34/85. These details are exactly the same as on the the Polish version you have shown. Under licence, production was restarted in Poland between 1951 to 1955. 1,380 T-34-85s were made. Your Photo is either a late war Soviet version or the Polish T-34/85-M1. Ill try and find some more info for you. Regards Eddie
  20. Hello folks I came across these miniatures recently and am getting a little confused as to exactly what i have ,I know that i have an order of the star of romania and 2 order of the crown of romania,however,with 6 classes per medal this is where my confusion stems from . One crown is silver and the other is gilt which im assuming means different classes and the order of the star is silver,none have any makers marks or any other identifying features So if anyone could help with exactly what i have or point me in the direction of further information on the web it would be much appreciated tia
  21. Is there any approximation how many collars are still existing today? I know there are documents about the collars in the Austrian Staatsarchiv from the Obersthofmeisteramt. Would be interesting if there are also documents regarding the collars collected in after 1921???
  22. Hello I hope someone can advise me please. My Mother has just given me a couple of items she would like identified, she tells me her Uncle took them from a German soldier in WW2 https://www.photobox.co.uk/my/photo/full?photo_id=501933328259 https://www.photobox.co.uk/my/photo/full?photo_id=501933327454to_id=501933328259 https://www.photobox.co.uk/my/photo/full?photo_id=501933327454
  23. I'm not a military expert but it might be that he for some reason left the RAF for a period during those intervening years and joined again but then again looking at his medals I doubt my own theory. Or for some other reason he reached Squadron Leader rank and didn't progress beyond it but was considered a good enough pilot/soldier to be deployed to trouble spots. As I said I'm not a military expert and would glad be corrected by more knowledgeable members.
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