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  3. Thank you for sharing these amazing pieces from your collection!
  4. Yes, I recall similar experiences during my peacetime service - but hey, at least I never had to go to real war, so I never had a problem with them jokes being on me 😉 It is interesting to note that the (quite young) men at the left wears an apron so he seems to have taken a break from work to go and look... BTW: I just finished reading - again - "Manöver im Herbst" (Maneuver in autumn) by Konsalik. It is still very helpful if one seeks to try to understand a little bit what motivated men in these days. All the best ArHo
  5. hahaha that's so true, I had a similar experience when I was at the army and out in the maneuver, when two old farmers where joking about us, while we were doing change of employment with our machine gun, that the russian would have killed us all, if we would have been in russia during WW2.
  6. Another first name: Lt Fritz Mengis And below, a Finnish Freiheitskreuz 2nd class to Divisionspfarrer Kreutz. From Freiburger Zeitung, 4.6.1918
  7. Someone pointed out the two old guys on the left are those "know it all" veterans you always see saying "They are doing it all wrong!!"
  8. I have doubts about the medal in the OP, shows weak details, weird suspension and funny gilding.
  9. Almost two years on from your question Robert & I have finally found one!!!
  10. Thank you for your quick response! The spying industry was blooming at the time so no wonder it had its representatives in the fair.
  11. Chance find: Olt dR Max Besgen is in the Sachsen-Meiningen list, but without first name. From Aachener Anzeiger, 19.11.1918
  12. I am glad that it helped. Mehmed Reşad’s pseudonym was “Reşad” until the Galipoli war. Then changed to “el Gazi” (blue background pisture) in 1914 after winning the Gallipoli (Chanakkale) War. Best wishes Demir PS: for others : https://www.islamiokul.com/2455-2/
  13. Gents, Well, it appears Zhukov appreciates the information contained in my first book. 😉 rozenas.pdf (ceu.edu) Regards, slava1stclass Onward to Berlin Cite in Academic Paper.pdf
  14. Here's another Hptm Hans Braun, from Konstanz, probably not one of the Hans Braun's we already have in the list. Might have been dL given that he was Syndikus, so could be the H dL Braun we have without first name. From Freiburger Zeitung, 30.7.1918
  15. Hi all, I currently research a prussian veteran officer of the Napoleonic Wars 1813-15. For this I urgently need to check the Rang- und Quartierliste der Königlich Preußischen Armee But unfotunately the years 1813 to 1816 are neither available online nor in the libraries i can access and those who own it do not lend them... So if anyone here has access to any of the Quartierlisten 1813 to 1816 I would be grateful for hekp / support. All the best ArHo
  16. I don't have a complete list of receivers of the Vasa order yet. I'm still struggling with the order of the Sword. Right now my list of Vasa-merit crosses only have 21 persons in it. None of which is Dutch. The Vasa merit cross is the rarest of all Swedish orders.
  17. Interesting information that is new for me. No matter how many has been awarded, they are difficult to find for sale.
  18. Thanks again BlackcowboyBS for your comments. The Champagne Cross:
  19. KK official maker of white lion. Its for the Prague trade fair, where many a double agent got inebriated. p
  20. I think that this might be a photo taken by Oscar Tellgmann, he was the most famous photographer and had access to every Kaiser Maneuver and the emporer himself. There was a nice book on him and his photos called Kaisers Zeiten, the photo shown here might be even in it.
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