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  2. Hi Dave, I basically have the same info as you regarding Arthur Schoeller. In one source I have seen his birthplace given as Hellenthal, Schleiden which is nearby the given by you. I have not found any birth certificate for him but both his heirat certificate and death certificate gives Kirschseiffen, Schleiden which probably is correct place. In these two certificates his name is given as Artur Schöller, and he also himself wright his name so. 😉 But I believe Arthur Schoeller is his correct birth name. He was an original member and observer in FFA 4 which was formed out of FB 4/1 Straßburg at BOW, but I dont have notes on his pre-War service. He later went over to fly Giant a/c in RFA 501 before returning to an home-land unit in Aug 1918. Gunnar
  3. hello @Stuka f, do you still have the Antwerp -x- medal ? and is it for sale by any chance ? regards worldwarcollector
  4. Otto Bausch received the HOH3X on 12.10.1918 as Adjutant of Artillerie-Kommandeur 14. 14.11.1903 Lt.d.R. des FAR 7, 18.12.1912 OLt.d.R. des FAR 7, 3.1.1915 Hptm.d.R., z.Zt. beim Stabe der 14. Feldartillerie-Brigade. He is listed in the 1914 rank list as an OLt.d.L. Transfers from the Reserve to the Landwehr are not gazetted in the MWB. Transfers back to the Reserve usually are, but his does not appear to have been gazetted. Add the LD2. Arthur Schoeller was born on 21.4.1890 in Kirchseifen, Schleiden and died on 19.5.1932 in Berlin-Schöneberg. He appears to have been the Lt. in IR 117 (22.8.1908 Lt., 25.2.1915 OLt., 27.1.1918 Hptm.). He received the EH3bX as a Lt. in FFA 4. As an IR 117 officer, he likely also received the HT. Perhaps Gunnar will have more information/confirmation. Friedrich Wilhelm Emil Alexander Kisker was born on 18.11.1886 in Lippstadt and died on 20.10.1925. Peter Kuhler was born on 31.10.1888 in Ölmühle, Remscheid. He was promoted to Lt.d.R. (Lennep) in IR 16 on 29.12.1914 and was wounded 4 times. He left Germany for Argentina in 1922. Ernst Rudolph Heinrich Theodor Lange, *5.1.1880 in Königsberg i.Pr., †11.2.1942 im Reserve-Lazarett Wernigerode. His Truppenteil was Kommandeur des rückw. Armeegebiets 559/Abt. IV, and he was transferred to Kraftf.Ers.Abt. 46 Deggendorf on 24.1.1942. I'm not sure about WW1; I think he's the Ernst Lange who was a Hptm.v.d.A. with the Militärmission in the Ottoman Empire, and later with AOK 9, promoted to Major on 15.2.1918. Franz van Endert was born on 5.10.1869 in Neuß. He was from the Reserve of DR 7.
  5. The ennobled ancestor of this particular Buch family was Gustav Buch, GM and GA of the Duke of Sachsen-meiningen-hildburghausen. He was awarded a grade of the churhessian order of Wilhelm. Have to look it up when I get home.
  6. Thank you very much for your reply, it has saved my money.
  7. The family's first entry is in the 1913 edition: http://digital.ub.uni-duesseldorf.de/periodical/pageview/1235066 Marie is listed there as already deceased and without any birth information. She does not appear in subsequent editions. The father is just listed in various editions as "Max" or "Maximilian (Max)" with no other Vornamen. *11.10.1837 in Meiningen, †26.6.1918 in Dresden.
  8. Comparing the medals rolls for 1887, 1897 & 1902 (1911 don’t exist). H Division had around just under 500 Constables on each occasion. So working on 500, obviously not all of those could have been deployed as some would have been on duty elsewhere on the division or on nights. G Divisions section house was in fact on H Division, so some would more than likely have been summoned from there. The City & K Division clearly sent some, as I assume J Division would have as well.
  9. Thank you so much, Dave! May I ask, if you possibly can find out the full name of father Max and sister Marie (1877--?) ...? I tried finding the family in "Gothaisches genealogisches Taschenbuch der briefadeligen Häuser" (1909), sadly not listed.
  10. Seems we don't have him yet: RM dR Dr. Franz van Endert, died 1942. 4.10.1942 A bit more info on Hptm Martin Rocholl from Bonn: 16.3.1917
  11. Hi, "Ein Vater, der Frontkämpfer gewesen ist und zwei Söhne im Weltkriege verloren hat, kann nach seiner freien Wahl entweder das Frontkämpferehrenkreuz oder das Elternkreuz, aber nur eins von beiden beantragen." [A father] can apply for either the Front Combatant Cross of Honour or the Parental Cross, but only one of them, according to his free choice. Uwe
  12. Max Kahr, 1915 already, might be a Princely one? 28.7.1915 One of the Langes, Major Ernst Lange, died 1942 at the Eastern front: 16.2.1942
  13. Interesting information indeed! I am not surprised that the Emperor would have sent his aid-de-camp to see what happened to the Erzherzog Thronfolger...
  14. He was a long time Aide de Camp of Franz Joseph. Therefore he received the Franz Josef Kreuz. I accidentially met a Countess Hoyos last week and she told me it is said that he was one of the first to see Kronprinz Rudolf after his suicide in Mayerling. Regards Christian
  15. I see that Gf. Hoyos was also wearer of the "Franz Josef Kreuz", also known as "Militantibus a Latere Meo", something not common to see...
  16. Well, I am not very observant, I did not notice your answer 🙂
  17. Hello, as far as I know, the rosette was added to the 4th class of the order only from 1937, i.e. in the Showa era. So this one was added probably later, since it is the fourth class from the Meji era?
  18. First name: Johann Peter Kuhler, died in Buenos Aires in 1929. 10.3.1929 One of the Müllers: Olt aD Edgar Müller from FußAR 8, died in a plane crash in 1929. 13.7.1929
  19. First name: Olt dR Alexander Kisker, died 1925 22.10.1925 This might be a new one: Klaus Riemer, flyer, died in a plane crash in 1926: 2.6.1926
  20. New first name: C. L. Otto Bausch, died 1933 26.5.1933 First name: Arthur Schoeller, died 1932 22.5.1932
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