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  2. Your welcome 🤝. I wish you a great weekend.
  3. Neal O‘Conner‘s Book on Württemberg references a study by Klietmann at 106 war time awards.
  4. I expected some Bulgarian citizen to get the answer.It is increadible how some people have such kind of information. Many thanks anyway.
  5. I am familiar with this web site very well.A very big choise of material,nearly in Najafcoins,eMedals or La Galerie Numismatique.What is your image about the price?It is known the order was changed.
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  7. Hi Guys I would be interested in your comments on this one. I have seen and read so much, but I am none the wiser. My thoughts/observations in laymans terms would be that the earlier 3rd Class "originals" should be silver and the rings and attachments as the previous example of a decent thickness. I have also shown the box this came in, whether it's the original I can not be certain but possibly it may help indicate a date. Happy Easter Dave
  8. Sorry for missing your answer and efforts 😟. I know well, how long such research could last. Indeed Kühne is shown in the Ranklist 1841 as Captain with Iron Cross 2nd class and Officers Long Service Cross. But then I checked Major a. D. Kühne in the Königlich Preußische Ordensliste 1862 and found there additionally a Red Eagle Order 4th class given to him in 1842. So unfortunately on the portrait made in Halle/S. it seems not to be him. Kind regards, Komtur.
  9. Thank you Nick. You can take a look on my web site http://ordersandmedals.ro maybe you can find something...
  10. So now that the last marshal of the soviet union, sadly passed away, do you gentlemen think were gonna be seing any marshals of the russian federation any time soon?
  11. Sampo

    Ivory Coast

    Hi Nick, For the officer Cote D'Ivoire, the missing thing in the lower right corner is a button device. These Usually go between 60-90 euro. Cheers Sampo
  12. This badge is from 1957 and was released to mark the 100th anniversary of the Bulgarian Centenary of Sorority which was founded in 1857.
  13. Respectable Bulgarian collegues,help me please identify this badge.Thanks a lot.
  14. I agree with you,it was sold for 55400 crowns-about 2100 euro.
  15. I am glad you like it.As I can see you are an expert.I will be thinking about your proposal.
  16. A nice piece in an excellent condition. I can only admire but envy ,too.
  17. As some of you know I sculpt and paint miniatures. Not in the mood while under house arrest so I decided to have a bash at oil painting on canvas. Mostly done except for final touch ups and glazes. My first finished painting ever and 3rd ever attempt; based on a 200mm miniature bust by Alexandros Models (pictured). Michel Ney, Prince of the Moskowa, Duke of Elchingen. ”The Bravest of the Brave.” “Le Rougeaud.” Russia 1812
  18. Did see that, contacted the seller to see if he would split the 3 items but no go. I guess he would rather not sell three, than sell one!
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  20. It also looks like he might have been bumped up to "Grand Officer" of the Legion of Honour I found this in a publication from 1938 There is no doubt he would have been stripped and executed... I was really surprised that people who backed an invading force, and thus pretty much saying that the previous government and power structure was invalid, were still wearing the decorations of their denounced leaders.
  21. If he survived WW2, which he did not, his Dutch orders would have been rescinded by Royal Decree. This happened to several collaborators after the war. One retired general escaped this shame by committing suicide. Seijffardt, if he had survived the war, would have been convicted in court, probably the death sentence.
  22. From the Dutch officers list of 1929. He was at the time Major General and commander of the 1st Division. Knight in the Order of Orange-Nassau Officers Cross with numeral XXXV Mobilisation cross 1914 - 1918 Commander 2nd class Sword Order of Sweden Commander 2nd class Danebrog Order of Denmark Officer Legion of Honor of France Officer in the Order of the Crown of Belgium His rank and date of promotion: 2lt Artillery 21st July 1892 1Lt 19th November 1898 Captain 1st of May 1911 Major 1st of November 1920 Lieutenant Colonel 2nd of May 1924 Colonel 2nd of May 1926 Major General 2nd of May 1928 So after 1929 he gained his two highest Dutch orders. Regards Herman
  23. Here is an rare document for the Order of White Lion in commander grade, awarded to the Romanian Counter Admiral Rosca chief of the Romanian Royal Navy,
  24. For me, at the moment, based upon the hat insignia configuration and the size of the collar tabs, the uniform is a variation for a Zoll member. I cannot think of anything else that this could be at the moment.
  25. I know this group. Indeed the asked price is saddly not friendly.
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