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  2. A nice, maker-marked example...
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  4. Timo, Lovely medal, what he didn't know about camels (jamaline) wasn't worth knowing. Paul
  5. U-Bootsabwehrschule (Submarine-Defence School), Postal stamp April 1936)
  6. Excellent research. Thank you for posting; it's interesting.
  7. Gentlemen, opinions on authenticity?
  8. These are issued by NGOs. I even believe, anyone can buy them for himself. Can be purchased here from the manufacturer: http://www.vto-orden.com.ua/ru/catalog/award/znak-narodnoyi-poshani-geroj-chornobilya3
  9. and a picture of him and picture of the Order of the Nile 4th Class (that I don't have yet)
  10. Hi, thanks for the speedy reply, interesting and useful link, I was wondering if it could be municipal rather than military. Regards Alex K
  11. Hi all, Here is one of my last week finds - an unnamed single British War medal from 1939-1945 period. I obtained the medal with the box, containing owner's name and medal entitlement slip (confirming one medal entitlement). Interesting enough this single medal was awarded to a Major and was posted out to Sudan. A little bit digging on the London Gazette and I knew that the owner was Waldo Hearne Glanville. Waldo was an Irishman from Dublin area (Blackrock). He was born as a son of Edward Samuel Glanville, a marble merchant and Selina Agnes Vance in Rathdown – Blackorock area (Rock road, Part of Blackrock No.1) He was an active member of 3rd Dublin, Stillorgan Scouts (attended with his brother Robert to the 1924 Jamboree). He had also five brothers and two sisters: 1. Eric Vance GLANVILLE b:1896 2. Arthur Evenson GLANVILLE b:1897 3. Edward George GLANVILLE b: 1898 4. Robert Ranulph GLANVILLE M.B.E. b: 1901 5. Owen Hugh GLANVILLE b: 1903 6. Edwina Vance GLANVILLE b: 1907 8. Ina Helen GLANVILLE b: 1909 He studied in the Veterinary Medicine of Dublin University College. 1928-1929 Veterinary Inspector, Kassala 1930-1931 Veterinary Inspector, Halfa Province 1931-1934 Veterinary Inspector, Upper Nile Province 1935-1940 Veterinary Inspector, Khartoum 1937-1942 Registrar, Veterinary School 1941 Senior Veterinary Inspector, Khartoum 1942-1944 Senior Veterinary Inspector, El Obeid, Kordofan 1944-1946 Senior Veterinary Inspector, Khartoum 1946-1952 Director, Sudan Veterinary Service For war service he was commissioned as a Second Lieutenant but in the Sudanese forces he was a Major, like stated as well on the box. And what makes this single medal extra nice - 1945 he received as well Order of the Nile 4th Class.
  12. Hi Roman. thank you very much for the additional information on Robert Strehle! Best regards Nicolas
  13. Ladies & Gents, Can anybody tell me anything about these medals? What are they and what are they for? I also believe that they are numbered? Is there anyway of conducting further research by why of these numbers?
  14. Hi, for me it´s difficult to distinguish, but those collar tabs were worn by Bavarian police as well as Bavarian border patrol. Here as Obergrenzaufseher. https://www.seitengewehr.de/grenze2.html https://www.seitengewehr.de/bayfreistaat.html If you compare the shoulderboards, you will notice a difference, though the collar boards are the same. So yours could be police? GreyC
  15. Hi all, a bit of assistance if possible, I came across this image (Part of), but don't recognise the collar tabs, they look military to me, if so, does anyone recognise them, branch of service etc, any help appreciated regards Alex K
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  17. This questionable badge is being flogged by a couple of related ebay.de accounts. The give away is the three dots on the laurel leaf. Combined with the non-Schott pin on the reverse this one is a no brainer fake.
  18. Me neither. Don, maybe you could post those images from the latest Schott fakes on fleabay.
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