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  2. I wonder if you awarded a medal or order in Germany or in any other country? I will release my set of bars in the Austro-Hungarian column. From the front, this is a set of ordinary bars, but the back is full of surprises! This is the first time I get a longer Austro-Hungarian badge bar
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  4. Great photo and such a rare shot regarding the Ushakov medal. Is it possible to trace down the recipient since you only have his first name? Since the medal is so rare, I don't think it would be impossible but it would take a really long time.
  5. Thank you for the comment! Yes, these kind of photos are really nice. If you have similar photos of Yugoslavs and Soviets please share them.
  6. Hi OvBacon, I think you are pretty close, I see: Not really clear this first one(need better picture, but I am pretty sure it is not the 1948 inauguration medal) Royal wedding medal 1937 War cross 1940-1945 Officer loyal service cross Mobilisation cross 1914-1918 Marching proficiency cross Cheers Sampo
  7. Hi OvBacon, Looks like the Belgium order of Leopold , officer to me, which was more common with the Dutch lion order. Cheers Sampo Could be the Belgium order of the Crown, but that depends if the colour is more burgundy rather than Violet. Cheers Sampo
  8. That is a good possibility... The color just didn't feel "red" enough for a legion d'honneur and it is not purrple so couldn't be an Order of Leopold... Thanks for that insight
  9. To me the color looks more like the Belgian Order of the Crown.
  10. I've been wondering about who made this cross.. The mark on the ring leaves some wonderings on if it is just a 4 or maybe there was a "missed" stamp right before it which could have been another 4 or a 2 That would leave: 4 Steinhauer & Luck Ludenscheld 44 Jakob Bengel Idar/Oberdonau 24 Arbeitsgemeinschaft der Hanauer Plakettenhersteller Anyone have some more insight into this mystery.
  11. Curious if anyone has the ability to id the maker of this cross. No makers mark present on the ring at all.
  12. I have this Dutch buttonette with 6 medals which I think are the folowing: Cross for Marching Proficiency A DUTCH MOBILIZATION CROSS 1914-1918 Army Long Service Cross Inauguration Medal 1948 Wedding Medal 1937 WWII Commemorative War Cross 1940-1945 I'm curious to know if any of you have a different opinion or think this seems to be right?!
  13. I have this buttonette of a Order of the Netherlands Lion and it has a red rosette on it which I kinda assume is a French Legion D'Honneur but I'm not sure... so I'm curious if anyone can shed more light on this.
  14. I have this buttonette of a Order of the Netherlands Lion and it has a red rosette on it which I kinda assume is a French Legion D'Honneur but I'm not sure... so I'm curious if anyone can shed more light on this.
  15. Hi all, does anyone recognise the badge that id being worn,, is it even military in nature, thanks for any help regards
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  17. A great shot. I prefer such photographs because of the moments captured in them. Thank you for sharing.
  18. Thank you. What is then the abbreviation for the Jubiläumsmedaille für die bayerische Armee from 1905? The one you wrote is the medal from 1911.
  19. what a lovely thing to discover... thanks for sharing
  20. Curious if any of you would have more info on this little one!? What would this exactly be and which period. Any help/ifo would be really appreciated since I really love this small treasure but am not familiar with it. Also I made the assumption it is bulgarian but of course I do not really know for sure.
  21. Thanks for the additional photos Real little treasure these documents. Only the reverse of rising sun is missing (I am asking for these extra photos only because these early groups are pretty rare and quite important for dating of orders). Regards, Nick
  22. My only Soviet related photograph. Yugoslav and Soviet officer smoking cigarettes, most likely in Yugoslavia and my guess is at least late 1944. The photo isn't sharp enough to see the rank of the Soviet officer but he's definately a senior officer judging by the two parallel stripes on his epaulettes. Sadly, there's nothing written on the back.
  23. Very nice. The Brotbeutel is marked B.D. III, which was the Bekleidungsdepot for the Bavarian III Armee Korps. Sunce most had Bekleidungsamt, this is unique just to one Bavarian supply chain. The 301 is a code for a Hersteller, but nobody has found the master list.
  24. I love such photographs. The service member holds an Order of the Red Star, Ushakov medal, and a medal "For the Defence of Sevastopol". Reverse: Sonya and Leva (Lev), January 1948.
  25. Hello Guys, As the topic says, I'm writing an article on the Schaumburg-Lippe Kreuz für Treue Dienste. Not a bad way to keep myself busy while this Corona mess in ongoing.. 🙃 The text is pretty much done and all I need now are some images on the 1870 and 1914 crosses, singles and in medal-bars, minis (I've already got some nice ribbonbar photos from Daniel) and of people wearing them. For printing quality, 300 DPI resolution is the minimum. Seeing how rare the 1870 crosses are, any photos or even a nudge toward some photos would be greatly appreciated! Any photos you share with me for the article you will naturally be credited and you will get an electronic copy of the article once it's published. The venue is not yet certain, it will be either be the "Finnish Soldier" magazine (there's a tenuous link to Finland via the Ostsee-division) or the Journal of the Finnish Numismatic Association. Thanks in advance!
  26. Hi Nick, Very interesting document of L.o.H. concerning the very first Franco-Japanese mission, start of a long collaboration between France and Japan About my legion of honor and rising sun, the legion of honor has no manufacturer’s mark and the rising sun has no mark (I have looked carefully... nothing !) both medals are unfortunately very common. Patout
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