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  2. LFI, Please try this forum. Regards, Gordon Germany: Third Reich: Uniforms, Headwear, Insignia & Equipment
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  4. Hi Thank you for your help, I did think I found the right forum to post in but then couldn't and had to wait a week to be accepted, could you please direct me to the correct forum.
  5. i just received my De Wet Decoration (Full size and Miniature) and it's marked ''3153'' so another original set.
  6. Good Morning, I just got this interesting ribbon bar with HOH3X + KO4X. Maybe an ID can be made? Any help is very appreciated. All the Best, Nicolas
  7. Shots Dave, This may be of interest to you: - Regards, Graham
  8. Here are some others. Leicht kreuzer with flag justinG kriegs.tif.pdf
  9. Well, I have completed the quest for the "Unterseeboots collection" A version of each ship, flottille, unit, command, tender, begleitschiff. This is my last one. Unterseebootstender Mosel
  10. graham

    2°REP insigna

    canutt, Hope this helps, although I have read that there are are exceptions to the rule:- Regards, Graham
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  12. May i point you towards the following thread on a.n other forum http://www.warrelics.eu/forum/equipment-field-gear/study-interwar-british-empire-made-303-cloth-bandoliers-625001/
  13. Try uploading your photos via forum's option for attaching photos. It should appear on the bottom of the box for writing the post. It says "choose files". Or try another provider, imgur is best for that in my opinion. Also, as Gordon has mentioned, this is the wrong section.
  14. Hello folks Here is my small submission...miniatures of the Order of the Niger military and Order of the federal republic civil also included is pictures of the suspension pins and packaging as they would have been shipped from the mint (shrink wrapped polythene onto cardboard)
  15. Members of the Kleist family an old noble family, originating in Hinterpommern, gathered in total 30 PlMs. They include 3 field marshals and 4 black eagle knights. That makes them for sure the epitome of German officer families. I can highly recommend to visit their Familienverband homepage. It's very informative: https://www.v-kleist.com/index.html The PlM recipients were the following (list from the family homepage - I don't know why they are in the following order, seems like that origins from the book out of which the list was made): 1. Werner Heinrich - up from 1740? 2. Conrad Friedrich - 1742 3. Carl Wilhelm - 10th Feb 1742 4. Adolph Bogislaff - March 1760 5. Ewald Georg - 1742 6. Georg Ernst - 8th Dec 1757 7. Franz Ulrich - 1742 8. Friedrich Ludwig - 1753 9. Peter Christian - Nov 1757 10. Primislaff Ulrich - Oct 1756 11. Reimar - up from 1740 12. Friedrich Wilhelm Gottfried Arnd - Sept 1757 13. Wilhelm Heinrich 23rd Oct 1758 14. Hans Reimar - 22nd Sept 1789 15. Friedrich Wilhelm - Oct 1756 - 2nd award Aug 1787 (what means that???) 16. Ludwig Franz Philipp Christian - 17th Sept 1793 17. Friedrich Wilhelm Franz Philipp Christian Oct/Nov. 1787 18. Friedrich Ferdinand Heinrich Emil - 4th Dec 1792 - oakleave 31th March 1814 19. Friedrich Anton Ulrich Carl Leopold - 7th Jun 1794 20. Friedrich Carl Gottlob - 17th Dec 1807 21. Christoph Friedrich Anton Joachim - 16th Jul 1794 22. Franz Otto Kleist von Bornstedt - 7th Dec 1794 23. Louis Baron v. K. - Keyserlingk - 8th Feb 1808 24. Friedrich Christian Ewald - Dec 1813 - crown: 16th Nov 1865 25. Carl Friedrich - 1813/14 26. Ewald - 17th Sep 1866 27. Alfred - 18th Oct 1918 28. Henning Alexander - 16th Jul 1762 29. Henning Alexander - 1742 30. Zabel Georg - 1742 31. Peter - 13/18th Oct 1814 ??? Not to forget the Knightscross with Oakleaves and Swords bearer field marshal Ewald von Kleist and Knightscross recipient Major Jarislaff von Kleist-Retzow (found his name in the list of knightscross recipients, he should be also a member of the family, would be nice if someone has more information about him, e.g. his parents?) The well-known writer Heinrich von Kleist was also a member of the family
  16. As far as I know they are awarded to people who made great achivements in sports or physical education in Finland. The following information is from E.F. Wrede's Finlands Utmärkelsetecken. The grand cross are awarded to the especially sucessful leaders or sportsmen. It´s only awarded to Finnish citizens and only 12 living recipients are allowed. One third of the 12 can be active sportsmen or women. Gold order order are awarded for 20-25 years of service in the field of sports. Also foreign recpients are allowed, but only top athletes like winners of the olympic games, world champions and similar. Silver order are awarded for long service in the field of sports or other sport achivements. Foreign recipients that are top athletes in their country or higher. Medal with gold cross are awarded to leading people in a sportsdistrict, sport organisations or similar. Athletes that are district champions or higher. Silver medal, same as silver medal with gold cross. But the one with gold cross are for extra meritous achivements. Bronze medal was awarded to sports officials for long service or active sportsmen. The 1945 version has the text "Urheilu Isänmaa" on the back and the 1983 version has the text "Urheilu Liikunta"
  17. Thanks, Nightbreak. The trouble with history, is that there's so damned much of it! Plus, the sources of reliable information seem to be getting more scant as time goes on. Beside the three books mentioned, there's not much information readily available. We have to glean what we can and hope that we're not too far off the mark. I have, what I believe to be, one of the earliest of the Metropolitan Police truncheons. When I first got it (about 30 years ago) I thought it was one of the newer ones from the turn of the last century. However, since then, because of its size, heft, and shape, I've become convinced that it's from a much earlier time. According to Alan's book, when the newly formed police force ordered the first batch of sticks, it placed an order for a thousand truncheons 'ASAP' and another 1,000 two months later. I can't imagine some Dickensian character hidden away in a dimly lit corner of the Parker Field shop, with his supply of tiny paint brushes undertaking such a daunting task with painting, drying, painting some more, waiting, and correcting mistakes, all under the burden that ASAP demands. Instead, they stamped each one with an MP topped with an indented crown. a practice they repeated many years later when the painting of truncheons came to an end. This one is the same as the three that Alan has pictured in his book (p.34), and are quite a bit thicker than the subsequent generation of truncheons, being almost 1.72" in diameter. Too thick, I think, to fit into the leather holster pictured, which also is from a later period. I don't have a copy of the Fenn Clark book. I don't really collect truncheons, so I never felt the need to invest that kind of money in a reference book. My main interest is Met or COL insignia and equipment, and truncheons are a part of the mix. Thanks again for replying, Mike.
  18. The following National Order of Merit was awarded to the Algerian writer Abdelhamid ben Hadouga in 2017 (posthumous). Please note the different medal ribbon.
  19. JohanH The only ones I can say with complete certainty are original are the following: 1. Pro Merito Medal (1613) 2. John Chard Decoration (13526) 3. Military Merit Medal (16415) 4. De Wet Medal (19595) 5. Unitas Medal (25844) 6. Southern Africa Medal (50393) 7. General Service Medal (131397) 8. Pro Partia Medal (210966) As for the rest: the Congressional Medal of Honor, Legion of Merit, Purple Heart, Distinguished Service Order and Cross, Military Cross, Victoria Cross, George Cross and Pour le Merite are all reproductions. Regarding the miniatures I have I can't vouch for any that they are real since they are not numbered. I'm off on a family vacation to Mauritius with the entire family from the 4th of July to the 9th so all my attention is focused on getting ready for it. Once I'm back I'll take some pictures. I'm fully aware all those reproductions in my collection significantly impacts the resale value but I buy medals that I find attractive or have a context in South African Military history. In some cases the original medal are extremely rare or so expensive that I can't possible afford it.
  20. LFI, Still no pictures. Also, this is a first war forum and to identify what sounds like a WWII artifact you should post these pictures on that forum. Regards, Gordon
  21. Do they not work if you click on the links? https://www.photobox.co.uk/my/photo/full?photo_id=501933328259 https://www.photobox.co.uk/my/photo/full?photo_id=501933327454
  22. The Al Athir was awarded to the chinese Nobel prize winner Mo Yan in 2018. Mo Yan won the Nobel prize for literature in 2012.
  23. My pleasure; the OMSA site contains much similarly useful information.
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