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  3. Did you see the article about the guy who bought Bitcoin right at the Getgo.... The Value of his stuff is now over 200 million EUR.... But.... he established it is all saved on a harddrive he through out years ago.. he offered the council 70 Million to do a finger search of the huge garbage site, which they refused to do as there is no gaurantee that they will find it and probably not get paid... you can toss your life away nowdays and not even know it....
  4. Hi Wessel, If you use Google images and ask to look for American Generals you will see that none of them wear medals, only medalbars (and BIG ones !!). I guess that if they did wear all their medals they would not be able to walk straight due to the weight of them 😁 They could use it as a bulletproof vest, the whole front of them would be covered.
  5. Good stuff, als always!!! Thanks a lot! To get through all the stuff from Leutwein will take me some weeks! :-) Best, Daniel
  6. Indeed Chris, & even if images are printed out, a lot of the modern colour printing inks can fade & disappear after a number of years....
  7. When the classes of all three orders are equal Golden Kite/Rising Sun/Sacred Treasure 4th kite/4th sun/4th treasure If not thеn by (class) seniority. For example combination 6th class kite 5th class rising sun 4th sacred treasure should be wear like this Sacred treasure/Rising sun/Golden Kite 6th sun/6-7th kite/7-8th treasure Best, Nick
  8. I have the second one in my lists as well. As I recall correctly his name starts with D. He received a kurhessian decoration, probably chwo4 or 3
  9. nice! the 1st guy seems to be Georg Hartung from FußAR 7 for the 2nd guy I would bet on Colonel Wilhelm Alberti, ex GR 5, then EIR 29 Best, Daniel
  10. Hi all, I've been looking for some competent rules of the precedence in Japanese orders. I guess it goes like this: rising sun, sacred treasure and than golden kite, however on some old photos the soldiers start their bars with the kite having the other as well. So maybe there is a rule of a class. Many thanks for explanation.
  11. I almost fell into troopers trap.... impatient to continue I scratched an old matchbox holder out and figured "The guy may have kept something like this in there..." ... then realised that would be the wrong way of going forward... I need some more pencils, a period eraser if that still exists, some dividers and a compass maybe, a ruler.... the problem remains... I must be sure they are all period...
  12. I wonder where the next generation will be.... we have a wealth of old letters and photos... imagine collecting 2020 stuff in 2100... a few old selfies, emails all long erased.... broken hardrives holding secrets never to be revealed.... I pity that generation...
  13. Well there at least two von Vietinghoffs in the lists of theOrder HdL from Brunswick: Oberst Heinrich von Vietinghoff-Scheel got the Kommandeurskreuz 2. class in 1909 A Hofmarschall von Vietinghoff got the Kommandeurskreuz 1 class in 1892 and the Grand cross in 1909. He was Hof- and later Oberhofmarschall at the grandduchess of Mecklenburg Schwerin, so they must be relatives to your general. But I can't find his name in my lists.
  14. During the broadcast of the above event at one stage a four-star general walked out on the carpet. I have no idea who it was but he was in full uniform. The thing that struck me as odd was that he was wearing quite an impressive ribbon bar instead of his medals. My question is: given the solemnity of the occasion wouldn't it be fitting for any soldier (much less a full general) to wear their medals instead of the ribbon bar? I'm from South Africa so not familiar with the appropriate dress-code for foreign militaries. Any comment will be appreciated.
  15. That is a nice one indeed.... Here is my latest find... and a new favorite..... Battalion commander in the 3rd Bavarian Inf Regiment and a Militär Max Joseph Orden recipient...
  16. Thanks Joe, even more so when you consider that it is a passport size picture so just over 2 inches high!
  17. Sadly no information about mr. Buitendijk. This set belongs to an Infantry officer who fought in May 1940 with 8th Infantry Regiment at the Grebbeberg, was a prisoner in Germany in WW2, and received an Officer in the Order of Orange Nassau with the swords a few months prior to his retirement.
  18. Seeing he did not have the EK II (1870) or the Hohenzollern-Hausorden, what ribbon (Band im Knopfloch) could that be? Was the Orden vom Zähringer Löwen or the Hausorden der Wendischen Krone worn that way? Thank you!
  19. Once again I need your help: I am looking for all decorations of the General der Kavallerie for the year 1910 and 1914 (war time decorations?) until 1918. Here are his promotion dates and all decorations (it took me a few hours) up to Mid 1909. Thank you! Also a picture would be great, and, if I am not asking to much, an exact date to the year 1869, when he entered. 1869 Avantageur (Fahnenjunker) 6.9.1870 Sekonde-Lieutenant 12.6.1877 Premier-Lieutenant 21.4.1883 Rittmeister 14.6.1888 Major 20.5.1893 Oberst-Lieutenant 16.6.1896 Oberst 3.7.1899 Generalmajo
  20. Wonderful, thank you so much! Maybe you could also help out with General der Kavallerie Hermann Eduard Louis Oskar Freiherr von Vietinghoff genannt Scheel (1851--1933)? I just posted the topic. Thanks!!!
  21. Nachtblindheit means Night blindness , normally is caused by a severe carence of A vitamin . Interesting !
  22. Wow, Uwe, very nice example of Heinrich Timm made clasps! These are not so often met comparing to others, especially in such a configuration and quantities. Thanx for showing.
  23. My new favorite. 1st Ersatz Batallion of Mecklenburgische Jäger-Bataillon Nr. 14 and then to Radfahrer-Kompanie 54 which was part of the 54th Infantry Division. Found a likely match on the verlustlisten for a Johann Tomforde of the Radfahrer-Battalion 5 who was lightly wounded September 23rd 1916. Radfahrer-Battalion 5 included elements of JB14, RK54, and JB6.
  24. I saw this online today... What a career! The Famous/Infamous 32 Battalion "The Terrible ones" ... then the Recces... this gentlemen was part of some legendary units in the old South African Army... "WO Victor Banazol (Sargento Ajudante), former 5 Recce Operator died earlier today (24.01.21). Victor served with the Portuguese Army in Angola, with the DRAGÕES Regiment. After the Portuguese leftist revolution of 1974, Victor joined the FNLA briefly before being integrated into the South African Defense Force with 32 Battalion. In 1978 our Brother Victor was transferred to the Special Fo
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