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Germany: Third Reich: Other Collectables: Standards, Allach Porcelain & Non Portable Awards

Collectables which do not fit into any categories such as Flags & Standards, Allach Porcelein, and other Table, Non Portable Awards

This section is for military collectors and historians to research and discuss the awards, decorations, development, history, uniforms and equipment of the Third Reich. GMIC does not in any way support, promote or condone: the political, anti-semitic beliefs, and actions of a muderous regime which was responsible for the torture and deaths of millions of Jews and other persons between 1933 and 1945. Any persons attempting to post threads which glorify, or support the political beliefs and ideology of the NSDAP and/or Neo Nazi Movements or attempt to promote holocaust denial or revisionism will have their posts removed and be permanently banned from GMIC.

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