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  3. Nope, these guys would have been stationed at the German mandate, and would have been involved in assisting Russian wounded. If anyone has a Rangliste for the Reichsmarine, maybe they could look up Drs. Doerr and Freyer, both Oberassistenzaertze who received the St. Stanislaus at Kiautschou and who might be the guy.
  4. I would think ? Were any german ships in the area of any of the engagements?
  5. Probably a naval medical officer, possibly stationed at Kiautschou during the 1905 war.
  6. Its just zoomed in part of the roll to read better. It says "neither in possession of 1882 or 1884 medal. Underneath you can see he had 1882 issue... There is actually his family tree up on Ancestry with more details. Also 1891 census lists him as living in the hussars barracks... he may had some type of job there after the years with the colours.
  7. Excellent stuff!! Thanks a million! Looks like he died young, sadly. Am I reading that last bit right? “Mother in possession of Egypt/1882/etc”...???
  8. Hi all, I just recently purchased these and I am wondering is it possible to determine when these were in use? In respect of material and how they are made, I am thinking that post ww2, perhaps 50-60s? Any advise would be greatly appreciated. Thanks, Noor
  9. His name was Joseph Silvester Gibbons. Born 1857 Paddington,Middlesex. Enlisted 1875 age 18. Served with the 19th hussars. Regimental Number 1549. The regiment saw action at Battle of Tel el-Kebir in September 1882 during the Anglo-Egyptian War and the regiment took possession of the wells, which were a vital resource in desert warfare, at the Battle of Abu Klea in January 1885 during the Mahdist War. Married with Ester Gibbons. They had 4 children. He died in Fulham, London 1895.
  10. VJK, He looks somewhat like Generalmajor Eduard Barger???? historica.fandom.com/wiki/Eduard_Barger
  11. Well put. I was just paraphrasing Berthold Brecht who wrote (if I remember correctly: Julius Cesar conquered Gaul? Surely he must have had at least a cook supporting him...) 😉 On a more serious side: it seems hard to find biographical information and photographs of Franz on the net. It´s mostlyy about today´s head of the Wittelsbacher, also named Franz. GreyC
  12. Well ,if you prefers, His Royal Highness conducted with oportunity and energy the Forces under his command that retook Ft Doaumont .
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  14. That all makes sense... thanks a lot, Laurentius! I tried to read the statutes and their amendments, but got lost... not for the faint of heart 😋
  15. Thanks for the excellent detail. Fascinating... will check for a hallmark as soon as it arrives.
  16. Also found through RCMP E DIV - Veterans some tidbits of what occurred in and around that time as the war broke out. During the influx of refugees fleeing Europe into Canada. The estimated number by loose census was that 170,000 had come to Canada. With 173,568 German and Austrian aliens living in Western Canada in 1914, the Canadian government decided to increase the Force establishment by 434 members for one year. These members would be designated as the RESERVE Division and would be based in Regina. In September 1914, they commenced their training at the old Indian School about a mile and half from “Depot” barracks in Regina. The intent of this Division was to deploy members to combat issues or concerns relating to the enemy aliens. However the COMMISIONER soon informed OTTAWA that there was no concern on his part about the GERMAN AND AUSTRIAN population. And in fact the number of aliens who were thought to be an issue and interned, the COMMISIONER reported that the number was so low it was inconsequential and it was widely believed by all that the RNWMP would maintain order and would serve to protect not only its Citizens but his Men made it known that all were under the protection of the RNWMP The COMMISIONER knowing that most of his men were fiercely loyal and to eliminate the very real possibility of men deserting to join the war he disbanded the RESERVE FORCE and offered all of his members the opportunity to pay for their discharge - many did and returned to their original British Regiments -------which are as follows: Coldstream Guards, King’s Own Yorkshire Light Infantry regiment, Irish Guards, Leinster Regiment, Oxford & Bucks Light Infantry, 18th (Queen Mary’s Own) Hussars, Royal Artillery, Royal Berkshire Regiment, Royal Sussex Regiment, Scots Guards, Welsh Guards, and York & Lancaster Regiment its also possible that WOODS was a member of the Provincial Police.
  17. I was reading through the posts and may have glanced over if anyone has already provided you this info--not that it assists you much in the way of determining the mystery but here is the information on file with the RCMP regarding the "Regimental Number" 1788-
  18. This appears to be a nice old mini relating to either the Roman Catholic Austrian or Bohemian langue of the Sovereign Military Hospitaller Order of Saint John of Jerusalem, of Rhodes and of Malta. Is there a hallmark? Within the past 50 years or so, OSJ badges with somewhat similar double headed eagles bearing an oval St. John shield in the cross angles represent membership in organizations, such as the Sovereign Order of St. John of Jerusalem, Knights Hospitaller, which claim 'descent in the Russian tradition' from the Sovereign Order of St. John of Jerusalem following that Order's loss of Malta in 1798. Enormous amounts of time and effort have been and still are spent on efforts to sort out the 'legitimacy' of such organizations. Insignia of a supposed Order of St. John Albanian langue dating to the 1939-1942 period also have double-headed eagles without crowns between cross arms but those eagles appear almost round in format.
  19. Nice medal! I agree as regards the 19th. A very interesting unit, especially in this campaign.
  20. Great find. I've always had a soft spot for the 19th, as their predecessors, the 19th Light Dragoons, served in Canada during the War of 1812. I have an Egypt Medal to the 19th, bought as a no-clasp. My researcher found that he was entitled to Tel-el-Kebir, and when the rolls became available online, I discovered he also had Suakin 1884 and El Teb. I added the Tel-el-Kebir clasp, but doubt I can afford the other two, El Teb as a single being scarce. No papers found, so not clear why he missed Tamaii.
  21. Gentlemen, Recently acquired this sporty buttonhole miniature OoSJ. Double-headed eagle in between the arms of the cross and interesting suspension device. Austrian? Russian?
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