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  2. Seeheld, ive looked into it, i think you may be right, it looks identical on the post you commented on a few years ago, thank you so much for the help!
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  4. Hi Pierce, Thanks for your reply. Actually his name is Spamer or Spanier. I located his name one a portrait, which he signed. I sadly do not have more info. No first name or anything else exept, what I posted earlier. Best regards, Nicolas
  5. Nicolas, Have you a first name? How did you locate this surname? If there is other available "proof" please post it as it may be of use. Kind regards, Pierce
  6. Next question, what color belt buckle would a Bavarian Flugeladjutant wear, silver?
  7. I would like to share a photo from my collection, taken by a Romanian photographer during a generally well-photographed event. It shows King Carol II, accompanied by Reichsorganisationsleiter and head of DAF, Robert Ley and a representative of EON, I. Kapsalis, in the Greek pavilion of the 1939 "Work and Joy" exhibition. My question is, can any more prominent people be identified on the photo?
  8. Here are mentioned the numbers of the MVO4X für Kriegsverdienst (Beamtenband) Militärverdienstorden : 544
  9. The Ministry of Defence directive 19/2004, approving the "Reconstitution Plan of the Royal and Military Order of San Fernando” intends to draw together a digital archive comprising scanned copies of the dispersed archives, to make it available to historians, researchers, family members and the general public, so giving rise to a greater knowledge of this prestigious Order. The Administrative Unit of the Royal and Military Orders of San Hermenegildo and San Fernando, has a Documentation Centre, to which I have been assigned since August 1, which among others, has the following tasks: · Look after and update the links and records of all those belonging to the Order, both those of San Fernando and Military Medals. · Collect data, bibliography and the many documents and publications that affect the Royal and Military Order of San Fernando or its members. · Keep the statistics of the military units, centres and organizations that hold the collective Laureada or the Military Medal, and the history and data related to their concession. For this, a few years ago, work began on a database of all the components of the Order in its history. It may seem strange that there was no longer a general archive, but this is because of the historical changes experienced by the Order, and other conditions. The invaluable collaboration of researchers in different specialized publications has already paid off, serving as a start and still providing information in the aforementioned database. From the usual primary sources such as gazettes, bulletins and legislative resources, digital copies have already been obtained from the military archives, but the aim is to improve it, both in the quantity and quality of the contents. Knowing that there is information in private and lesser-known collections and archives, we request all those who have any data or document that they consider of interest, that they send it to this Centre for evaluation and comparison, and where appropriate, for it to be included in the database. Specifically, they are mainly interested in: · Certificates or other award documentation · Lists of decorations awarded and relationship to the recipients of the awards · Personal correspondence · Service papers · Iconography · Digital archives on the Internet · Bibliography on the Order, particularly personal effects Therefore, I invite you to send the relevant documents scanned at a sufficient resolution to allow clear viewing, to the email address apribar@et.mde.es and / or realesymilitaresordenes@oc.mde.es Safe receipt will be confirmed. In the same way, the aforementioned queries relating to this Order may arise in carrying out one’s duties. I would like to thank all historians, volunteers and collectors of the Order for their selfless help, and I remain at your disposal with warm regards. http://www.rmo.mde.es/
  10. Who is this Admiral? Photo taken at the inauguration of the U-boat Memorial in Möltenort at Kiel, 12 June 1938. Thanks!
  11. I don't think its a military guy. My theory is that he is a bandmaster of a Town Band or similar. Dave.
  12. the beret has a fake date on it, this company never made para berets until well after WWII, the earliest I have seen is 1970's. They made other headgear, before WWII, but never para berets. The badge from your one, not very close up pic, appears to be a pointy wing tip fake.
  13. Hi Morten, Great photo with a nice assortment of wet weather clothing.🙂 Cheers, Larry
  14. Different versions of the Liberation medal.
  15. Beautifully designed piece of history! We don't see this kind of stuff often.
  16. By royal order of November 16, 1928, the King of Spain has been pleased to grant the decorations that are expressed at the head of each one, for the attentions received by Kiel on the occasion of the last trip to Sweden: Grand Cross of Naval Merit, with white badge, to Vice Admirals Mr. Oldekop and Raeder and Rear Admiral Mr. Wulfingv. The sash with a white cross pending a plaque with wite arms and a anchor
  17. Thank you Giorgos for adding your images and providing some very useful information. Dave
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