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  1. All correct The Queen Victoria Jubilee 1897, EVII and GV is ok and was on his short set of miniatures, a royal is entitled to coronation and Jubilees from birth is only hope his full sized didn't slip down his nappy as it would have some interesting toning. The Vladimir is OK he was awarded it for the Battle of Jutland in which he participated aboard H.M.S. Collingwood. I should think Jutland didn't help his stammer. Paul
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  2. Ok, I'll give it a shot: Order of the Bath - Knight Grand Cross (GCB)Order of the Star of India - Knight Grand Commander (GCSI)Order of St. Michael and St. George - Knight Grand Cross (GCMG)Royal Victorian Order - Knight Grand Cross (GCVO)Order of British Empire - Knight Grand Cross (GBE) (military)1914-1915 StarBritish War MedalWWI Victory Medal, w/MIDQueen Victoria Jubilee Medal, 1897Edward VII Coronation Medal, 1902George V Coronation Medal, 1911George V Silver Jubilee Medal, 1935Italian Military Order of Savoy??Russian Order of St. Vladimir??French Croix de Guerre 1914 w/palmThe only o
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  3. The costumiers invariably get these things wrong. In this case he or she has assumed that there is nothing under the lapel. Consequently, the GCIE is missing. I suppose one good thing this time is that he has stopped himself from exercising his 'creative skills' and invented something completely different. Cheers, James
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