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  1. Hi guys, I received today one interesting ribbon bar from Norway! I haven't seen many of them around and post it up here as well. Because I bought it as a unidentified ribbon bar, without seeing so European style pin, I tought that its some earlier communist country bar from Asia . Thank you to the Jeff for ID on OMSA! - Participation Medal 1940-45 (the device indicates service in Norway and with Norwegian forces in exile) - Medal for the 70th Birthday of King Haakon VII, which went to members of the Norwegian forces serving on the 3rd August 1942 Regards, Timo
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  2. IMO (In my opinion) on post #4 The large red cross might just be a simple case of a Veteran's intervention. It may be a doctor, nurse or some caregiver who was awarded the Belgium Victory medal and just added his/her medical pin to it. We see this type of thing a lot. Regards, Jim M.
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