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    Good morning Troy Tempest, the badge you bought is certainly original. Interesting badge, even if not rare. Ukraine then went on producing medals (not badges anymore) for celebrating the liberation of Ukraine and its veterans. Here attached you find a medal for war veterans. The monument on the medal is the famous "Rodina Mat" of Kiev, part of one of the biggest war memorial complexes in the whole former USSR.
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    Gday mate genuine item awarded in big numbers and easily found probably not worth faking
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    Hi, Yes, the Medal is okay, but with a slight correction. These Merit Medals were from 1964 to 1989. Those in 1956-1957 were a bit different in their appearance and their name was Commemorative Medal for Service to the Country, and these are extremely scarce. Regards, cimbineus
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    Dear Troy, This is the 3rd Class of the Military Duty Medal instituted in 1962. The ribbon for this class should be brown with two thin yellow stripes inset from both edges. Usually manufactured by Spink of London or Bertoni of Milan. Kind regards, Owain
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