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  1. Walter Seebohm had the Österreich-Ungarisches Militärverdienstkreuz 3. Klasse mit der Kriegsdekoration 3. Klasse, so the ribbon bar does not match him. There might be some other double-Waldeck possibilities. I started cross-checking Rick and Daniel's published list but gave up because there were too many NCOs with only a last name in the rolls, so you could not be sure if Lt.d.R. XXX with the Verdienstkreuz was also Vfw.d.R. XXX with the Verdienstmedaille. One possibility is Wolrad Köhler from IR 32, born in Landau in Waldeck. He received the SMK on 4.6.1917 and the WVK4X on 22.8.19
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  2. Both photos and documents are fantastic!
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  4. Alas the gentleman mentioned was a high priest of the shrine of Onan. The RVO is not returnable (the Chain, a seperate decoration, is). There have always been those in corridors of power who have considered an interest in phaleristics as a sin against the Holy Ghost. Interestingly when it suits them they are only too pleased to solicit our assistance. Enough like Toby Shandy I am riding my hobby horse. Paul
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