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  1. No topic has been made in this division for some time,so I decided to correct it and fill the gap.Probably somebody will find time to look at it.The first order of the sergeant scout Vasiliy Sergeevich Pakhomov.Born 1913.An heroic deed 22nd August 1943.A place of auction Volkhov and Leningrad front. Other awards of V.S.Pakhomov: Medal For Valour,Order of Red Star,and Order of Red Banner,of course. The badge of order with some dames in the obverse as you can see.
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  2. Hello! Here are both my crosses of Ingria, I still need the one for enlisted men. If anyone should have one for sale, please let me know! The merit cross is awarded 2 times and the cross for officers around 20 times. I don´t know how many that were awarded the enlisted mens cross.
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