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  1. Dear members, Till very recently we have enjoyed fake free market..bad news is not any more I just want to alert the Forum that for a quite a while I have noticed some increase of Fake Bulgarian Orders on the Market The most faked one is Order of St Alexander Also faked pieces of high Classes of the Other Ordes have been on the Market, Some single fakes of rare Bulgarian medals as well Be alert Most of them I have noticed are on EBay, however some of them are now surfacing on different dealers sites and also on different Auctions in Europe. The source of some of them is also a
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  2. Fake Ferdinand Election medal 1st class (on the left). This is a converted 3rd class medal (in the middle) with enamel applied to the center elements. Authentic medal is on the right, you can clearly see distinct features of 1st class (rays under red enamel, details in center on reverse, etc.).
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