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  1. Here are some basic details on Police Constable James Sawyer who was Arthur Sawyer's father. Note that on his Metropolitan Police pension records it states that Police Constable James Sawyer retired on pension because he was '''''worn out.''' It is refreshing that the Victorians, in this case, did not mince their words. James Sawyer was born on the 22nd of February in 1821, in Down, in Kent and his son was Arthur Sawyer who later followed in his fathers footsteps and also joined the Metropolitan Police. On the 29th of May in 1843 James Sawyer joins the Metropolitan Police and is assi
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  2. Hi, Research done so far......this is another Whitechapel Police Constable that was part of the team hunting JTR. Police Constable Arthur Sawyer.....a good, solid and reliable Police Constable who served in Whitechapel or 'H' division during the Jack the Ripper murders. Arthur Sawyer was born in Hammersmith, in Middlesex, in 1852. Arthur Sawyer joined the Metropolitan Police on the 8th of May in 1871. Police Constable Arthur Sawyer was issued with the warrant number of 54145 and was assigned to St James's or 'C' division. Police Constable Arthur Sawyer, at some later p
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  3. Thus, "Prince Charles, Prince of Wales" translates to "Prinz Charles, Fürst von Wales".
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