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  1. Thank you . dealer offered it to me for $375 with shipping . i may do it since I know it’s a good MVK2 ?
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  2. Thanks scottplen. Waldo you look pretty close with your prices, the EK2 can have a large price variation depending on the manufacturer, quality and whether it is a cast iron core or stamped steel.
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  3. Peter , do you know these Artillerymen method used to fire . one shot short the other long ,then you divided the diference between and the third shot must fall certere . Well ,we need the one who made bullseye The field is Spain and there options are Fabrica de Armas de Toledo or Fabrica de Trubia .
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  4. Start of with an unusual one.... Festungs Infanterie Bataillon 1409 , formed in August of 1944 and fought in Holland... dounle signed because they had no stamp...
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