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  1. Here the corret data of Leo Jacobsen from my List "Seeoffiziere". The complete list contains all ranks and branches of the imperial german navy, so it is not so detailed Best regards Markus Jacobson, Leo 1880, 04.15. Pr. Centenarmedaille Kapitänleutnant 1897, 03.22.S Torpedowerkstatt Friedrichsort, Assistent Jacobson, Leo 1880, 04.15. DK Danebrog-O. Ritterkreuz
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  2. Lifesaving medals are something really special and among, if not the most distinctive awards - each medal a life saved from greatest danger... you cannot say the same about many other awards! So, despite we have already seen a Bavarian here some thirteen years ago, I'm bumping this thread up with another one, single mounted, that will be in my shop's update tomorrow. Looking their history up, I noticed two things that are most unusual and worth mentioning: Despite their monarchistic design, these were handed out until the early 30s, when they were superseded by a very short lived and
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  3. I’ve wanted one of these for years and either procrastinated or missed my opportunity. I could a descent one a couple years ago to display on a tunic but just got one I think rather nice with its case of issue. I’m happy with them even though the first one has lost gilt to the swords I wonder why that seems to happen to so many awards. I think my focus may been more on the ek in the photo of the first Crown my new cased Crown
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