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  1. More than ten years later, I think the only thing that's missing here might be a nice portraiture?! Gentlemen, please welcome Oberstleutnant Christian Gockel, naturally or unfortunately with his full size medal bar, and not just the ribbons. The picture is taken from Henning Volle's 2019 Die Orden und tragbaren Ehrenzeichen des Großherzogtums und der Republik Baden, where it's used to show medals bars in wear and their precedences.
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  2. Lifesaving medals are something really special and among, if not the most distinctive awards - each medal a life saved from greatest danger... you cannot say the same about many other awards! So, despite we have already seen a Bavarian here some thirteen years ago, I'm bumping this thread up with another one, single mounted, that will be in my shop's update tomorrow. Looking their history up, I noticed two things that are most unusual and worth mentioning: Despite their monarchistic design, these were handed out until the early 30s, when they were superseded by a very short lived and
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  3. CHRISTIAN FRIEDRICH HEINRICH GOCKEL EK2 1870: The only rank date I have anything on was Major 22 September 1877-- in 1879 5./ Baden Dragoner Regiment 22. Out of all the many hundreds of groups I talked about with George over 30 years, apparently I misremembered. I think now (obviously, from the below) that Gockel must have RETIRED 1887-88 not died then. In any event, 1880s Ranglisten will narrow down when he got the Schwarzburg Honor Cross. With no EK oakleaves or 1897 Centenary medal your bar dates between that years and 1895. And here he was, A
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  4. Ah, at least I know that has found a good home now! George TRIED to make a scan of that for me for the eventual second edition of my online ribbon bar article (a new AUTHORIZED version, not the one which has been stolen from me)... but he was TERRIBLE at scans and never got the hang of how to do it. THIS was as "good" as I was able to "improve" his scan to me : [attachmentid=54476] Unfortunately, once he got the "new technology" he didn't send me XEROXES any more, which I kept and scribbled on for my reference files. We were both intrigued by this VERY non-regulation MKFVO cipher-- not o
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  5. Let's put it this way: he's definitely not somebody I would expect to see on a propaganda poster personifying the Master Race.
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