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  1. Hi Luke, from the 1914 Rangliste der kaiserlich deutschen Marine; Feuerwerks-Oberleutnant Dohnke, Diensteintritt 08.04.1896 Werft in Kiel His medals at this time 1914: Allgemeines Ehrenzeichen, white and orange ribbon not Roter Adler Orden with swords Dienstauszeichnung 2. class for 12 years Rußland Medaille des St. Annen-Ordens, red and yellow ribbon not Baden Kind regards Andreas
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  2. @ArHoYou're right about these photographs being offered by the same seller. He goes under various names on eBay but he marks-up the auction pics with the same kinds of recognizable red lines and arrows. @Trooper_D If people want to collect and invest serious money in EARLY and MID 19th photographs, they should first learn how to recognize and distinguish the physical characteristics of genuine Daguerreotypes, Ambrotypes, Tintypes and CDVs from this period. Then, tricky and misleading wording will no longer be factors. I downloaded the photos in ArHo's link because the auction p
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