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  1. I see this is an old thread but I just came across it whilst looking for something else as I am much more a reader here than a poster (only double digits in about ten years!!!) However, I just had to comment on the cap badge which is possibly the worst fake I have ever seen posing as a real one!!! The chinstrap too is at best a pretty modern one. The correct issued type for these hats came in a light tan colour and was made brown with dark brown polish vigourously "bulled" into it. I Believe this type is a modern version still issued to the Household Cavalry and a couple of other uni
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  2. This could be our Dohnke: Kapitänleutnant (W.E) Marinearsenal Kiel (Kriegsmarine Rangliste 1936)
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  3. Hi there, this is my only Medal for Labor, but it has an interesting feature. The text on the obverse is "mirrored" partly on the revese. Did this happen often with this medals? all the best, Gerd
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