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  1. The Order of Merit of the Prussian Crown that was awarded to Swedish prime minister Arvid Lindman was sold today in auction for 370 000 SEK which is about 36 000 € plus 22,5% commission. Apparently only 57 ever awarded! See the beautiful pictures here: https://prob.auction2000.se/auk/w.object?inC=PROB&inA=20200526_1458&inO=446
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  2. Another example I got recently with its number and a name of the recipient written on the bottom of the box. The suspension of the order is of Soviet production. Unfortunately, the document is missing. The recipient was a very elite diverzant (saboteur) who became a general-major after the war. The order itself The box
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  3. A very nice set I got in the beginning of this year. It was awarded to rezervni zastavnik (reserve sergeant) in 1949. During the war he was a fighter of the First Lika Partisan Deatchment "Velebit" and later in the 6th Lika Division. Both his name and the number of the order are written on the top of the box, plus there's also a number of the order written on the bottom of the box. The order itself The document The box
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