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  1. The medal set of Colonel Jan Hendrik Sar. One of the 17 Dutch who helped the Albanian forces in 1914. The empty place at the front of the bar was probably occupied by a Knight or Officer grade cross of the Order of Orange Nassau with the swords. He became Knight in this order in 1923 and Officer in 1946 after his retirement. Regards Herman
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  2. Great work! Here is a 1932 article relating to a Josef Jans (b. 1894). I cannot find him in the MWB or any other publications from the war era. http://sammlungen.ub.uni-frankfurt.de/periodika/periodical/pageview/3430365?query=segelflieger hausorden
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  3. Hello Gentlemen, Like Owain said, this medal is in 2 classes, or at least seen with plain ribbon, or with a ribbon with rosette (for officer).This medal was manufactured by Arthus Bertrand, the medaillon itself is relatively often found on medal show in France, but the medal complete with its suspension is scarce to be found. I was fortunate enough to catch one some days, long long before corona era....,and even more fortunate to source the ribbon. By fortunate, it didn't costed me a lot, like 100 € for the medal, and the ribbon, but you simply do not found this medal complete, it's not e
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