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  1. This topic is now locked. Although it would be easy for me to give the benefit of the doubt as to the motive for the post in the first place. I cannot help but feel that this has been posted to cause controversy.

    As rules and regulations are so often quoted : Rule 2:8

    Overtly political or religious viewpoints are not considered to be suitable material for publication on this forum other than in a historical military context. It is understood that at times topical news stories or current world conflicts or events may need to be discussed and are relevant to the collecting world. Such subjects can be by their nature be very emotive and lead to tension and disagreement amongst members. Such topics may only be discussed on the proviso that they do not intentionally or indirectly cross such boundaries and if inappropriate may be subject to moderation.

  2. I would suspect that it is a veterans group, but the individual decided to add a few extras.

    My father was at a memorial service a few months ago and he met someone who had a Queens Silver Jubilee medal in his group. He was immediately suspicious as the guy had similar service to him and he queried with him how he had a silver jubilee medal as it was only issued to very few. This guy although serving, like my father would not have been in the running for receiving the medal. He became a bit embarrassed and started bluffing about how all those serving in 1977 were entitled to the medal, but as only a few were issued you could now officially retrospectively get one etc etc. This of course was all rubbish and although it is not quite as Walter Mittyish as wearing campaign medals you are not entitled to, shows the thinking behind why someone might do it.

  3. I was lucky enough to attend a few years ago an evening with Gordon Corrigan who wrote Mud, Blood and Poppycock. He is quite a character and this comes across quite clearly in his writing. This book is a rather revisionist look at the Great War from a British Perspective.

    Some interesting but not particularly ground breaking facts are covered so the real student of WWI will not be in for any great surprises. But the way he delivers it, you will either love of hate. I know many who will really appreciate the ethos of this book and a few academics who will berate it.

  4. Boris

    There is some fantastic work there. I think this should be placed in a better format than this thread to give it better coverage. Something similar to the Rick ribbon bar article would be good.


  5. The men's bodies were repatriated in the mid seventies and given a state Israeli military funeral and regarded as heroic freedom fighters. Britain lodged formal objection but this was unsurprisingly disregarded.

    As is often the case in history, particularly British history, one sides murderers and terrorists are later regarded as freedom fighters and heros in the struggle for independence from the yoke of British Imperialism. Palenstine was a poisoned chalace for the British, a mandate given to administer a region which was and still is in conflict.

    These are really a great and historically significant set of medals, one of the best Colonial groups I have seen. Thanks for showing them.

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